July 6, 2022

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27 thoughts on “Hot Takes 5/7/2021

  1. A lot to digest for Hot Takes! 🥵
    Khloe didn’t want the show to end so she can stay relevant with a steady check? Smh they keep playing with Queen Janet it makes me mad! I hope she will have a better ending than Mike.
    Please drop Kevin Samuels info 👀
    Gates actually likes women ? 😂

      1. IDK Spoke to my Guyanese , IMO there is a skrong chance KS is Safari 2nd cousin/ uncle – Jamaican identify but disown their lgblt brethren in the 70s and 80s and even 90s so IDK but he does resemble the relatives that used to in the Jamaican biker posse ?

  2. Khloe girl, how many times you gotta be embarrassed to leave that man, the first time should’ve been enough🤦🏽‍♀️

    1. Oh okay , thank you ladies for telling me. I think the person who wrote this was moving to fast . Why separate the tea and put her name on a line by herself towards the bottom and discuss him at the top of this read… some readers don’t know who she is & shouldn’t have to put the pieces together from the writer lol. This is not the 1st time this has happened. Writer please organize the post before you publish it for us, it’s less confusing and not all over the place . We thank you and would appreciate it !

  3. I can’t wait for Kevin Samuels to be exposed. Corey Holcomb & Umar Johnson have him very pressed. How are you telling these black women they aren’t worthy of a high value man based in their looks, age, weight, & whether or not they have children when he has his own skeletons & it’s been proven several men love women from all shapes & sizes?

    After the way Derrick Jaxn was exposed I knew the more Kevin Samuels kept spewing that nonsense that his truth will come out next as well

    It seem Khloe fears she’ll be irrelevant without the show meanwhile her sisters can still make money & remain in the headlines no matter what. Khloe wasted all that time w/Tristan meanwhile her sisters can have any man they want

    We need a bravo exposé on these reality stars

    I need more Kandi tea & Kenya Moore tea. Is Kenya really married? Is RHOA all she has to make this kind of money? It’s very interesting how hard Kandi is defending TI/Tiny being innocent but was so upset when that rumor spread about her. I’m actually nervous on this Xscape vs SWV versus bc the timing couldn’t be any worse

    A billionaire having several mistresses say it isn’t so. Didnt Warren Buffett marry his mistress after his wife died so he didn’t have to pay her?

    Janet deserves better. She’s one of the nicest celebs I’ve ever met & encountered & her legacy was destroyed by Timberfake & the former head of CBS bc she wouldn’t grovel & take blame for what was what Timberfake wanted in the 1st place to have a viral moment

    I just hope moving forward Janet continues to prosper & she can truly be vindicated in the industry & have her legacy restored

  4. This was 🥵. Please bring the Kevin Samuels tea – that man is toxic. Bill and Melinda Gates…this is getting interesting.

  5. You mean to tell me out of all the shit Bill Gates has done and is still doing side bitches is the reason Melinda leaving?! I think y’all need to refresh your emails and your tea..

    Can we get more tea on Saweetie? She’s a beautiful girl but such a terrible “artist/rapper”. Why wouldn’t they just make her a model?

  6. I.ll believe when I see it about Khloe
    Dr dre wait lawddddd
    Sawetiee doing what? She’s rich and famous
    Does Travis want kylie back though?
    Who is bebe?
    And lil uzi is bi

  7. You could tell on the show, Khloe wasn’t happy about ending the show. She knows the jig is up. We are about to see who will float or sink out of this family in a little bit. As for her leaving Tristsn, I will believe it when I see it.

    Lawd, Saweetie just needs to find another direction at this point.

  8. Not surprised with Dr Dre,
    I hope Janet continue to handles things on her own terms.
    I’m thinking with Saweetie that it may part of her performance boot camp training.

  9. Drop the Kevin Samuels’ tea. His hatred and disrespect towards women leave me to believe there’s a secret boyfriend out there somewhere lol

  10. Prayers to 40 cal family-
    Yea Khloe was just becoming so much more popular… hopefully Travis is over it- whyyyyyyy does every man in the industry have a boy toy???

  11. No more on Khloe please. We’ve already came into terms that she is a bonafide idiot when it comes to love & relationships.

    I knew there had to be something deeper than what was told about Melinda and Bill Gates divorce. No wonder she wasn’t seeking spousal support

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