July 6, 2022

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24 thoughts on “Season 12 The Truth Behind The T.I and Tiny Sexcapades Part 1

  1. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the reason Keisha decided not to run for another term. I wondered why she aligned herself so close to rappers when she first became mayor… It didn’t seem like a smart political move. When this story first blew up, I told myself “Keisha is gonna have a hard time getting re-elected because everyone in Atlanta know she and TI are close”. I just saw her “letter to Atlanta” this morning saying she will not run again this fall. I’m sure their relationship was looked into more. Damn shame, smh.

  2. But what about now? Are the allegations about them forcing drugs onto women, sodomy and drugging women to get into bed true? And when Kandi was accused of doing this on RHOA was it true, does she really do the same things as T.I. And Tiny?

  3. Everyone knew about the sexcapades but are they REALLY forcing and drugging girls? That’s the main question.

  4. Now the whole khandi drama the other year about tying women up and taping them in a dungeon makes sense.. or whatever it was..

  5. I want to know if Kandi Burress is involved in these sexcapades. Was Porsha’s/Phaedra’s allegations wrong?

  6. I would LOVE to hear More about Kandi dealings in this situation and on TI & Tiny Mess and Keisha Lance Bottoms

  7. Tip truly isn’t 💩 and Tiny is a 🤡.

    And if Tip is aggressive and controlling. I could see him drugging those girls to get his way. Tiny aka Miss Piggy being aggressive & forcing the drugs too. She been around him too long. His ways rubbed off on her.

  8. So… You’re telling me WEEZY F BABY. was ok with his homie fucking his baby mama?!?!

  9. Soooooooooo…..the Dungeon rumors abour Kandi that were said we’re to have been ‘made up by Phaedra Parks …are probably true?

  10. What about him and latoya luckett? I know they “dated” at some point or was it really threesomes with him and Tiny

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