May 16, 2022

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13 thoughts on “Confirmed Sugar Tristan Does Not Think Khloe is his type

  1. He stays cheating!! Leave that man and that good dick alone. He ain’t worth the bullshit.

  2. He clearly has a type and Khloe ain’t it. She better stop remixing her face lol. She wasn’t much to look at before and now she’s just scary 😟

  3. Yep.. they all look like his other BM.. Khloe might as well move on.. she gonna keep changing her face and he gonna keep cheating..

  4. But yet, Khloe will stay and get up every morning & put on her 🤡 mask. This is pathetic.

  5. She wants another baby and one thing about them, they don’t have multiple baby daddies. He stay embarrassing her…

  6. At this point Khloe should just give him a lump sum payment for a few vials of his sperm and freeze it for her Invitro appointments. All she really wants is his DNA at this point and she is standing by him looking like Boo Boo the Fool waiting on him to get her pregnant.

  7. G I heard that she’s not physically pregnant herself but that they have a surrogate that’s currently pregnant! I haven’t heard you confirm anything so not sure if it’s true…but please let us know if you get information on that

  8. Yeah i knew that. She’s a come up that got pregnant. Every woman he has been with is a woman of color, with Khloe as the exception. It doesnt matter how many tans she gets, inflatable ass or lips. It won’t matter.

  9. So why did he get with Khloe in the first place if he not attracted to her and not his type? For clout and the Kardashian name perhaps….yyyyyy🤔

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