May 22, 2022

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11 thoughts on “Hot Takes 5/4/2021

  1. Khloe ain’t going nowhere. She is so weak and desperate, she is beyond pathetic at this point

  2. Khloe ain’t leaving of she’s asking for ol girl to keep it quiet!

    I thought Brad and Angelina were divorced.

    Can’t nobody break you up if you were solid.

    I wanna know more about the Gates situation!

  3. I thought Kendall was nvm
    Nobody wants Travis dusty chapped lips swld but kylie
    Why does kanye still have his wedding ring on
    Angelina Jolie girl bye she’s just taking a page out of amber heards book

  4. Lots of good tea!

    I figured Gates might be involved in something criminal, when I heard the wife was divorcing him.

    It’s true, Tristan cheated with that girl. Listen, this topic has come up too many times with him. Everybody isn’t lying. And Khloe will remain there looking like a 🤡.

    IF Drake slept with that woman he is out bad for that. How you invite them both down and get her away from her man just to fck. I mean homegirl IS the biggest loser in this. If she was tired of being with her man for 8 yrs, she had plenty of time to bounce, but she sat her azz right there. The fiance couldnt been THAT bad. She saw a opportunity with Drake and was gonna sleep her way in. But clearly she doesn’t know how Drake moves. Now she got a wet azz, alone, and without a deal. Tragic.

  5. Kanye probably like “turned my wedding ring into everyday jewelry”

    I’m so irritated at how insecure khloe. She needs to regroup

    I can’t stand drake

  6. How is that drakes fault if the girl is a whore and choosy. She is grown af who gonna say no to drake she should have left her man home. Clearly she wasn’t as solid as her ex says

    1. Yeah , for real because It seems like to me that Safaree and Erica are media whores at this point and only do what they do for money and tv.

  7. Khloe not leaving Tristian. I don’t trust the Gate’s because they just may be getting a divorce so they can hide their assets.

  8. Oh please Khloe is not going anywhere. She wants the cheating to be ” respectful”. Spill more tea on why Drake needs to be careful.

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