May 16, 2022

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99 thoughts on “P.S.A EVERYONE READ It’s Time for You Guys To Decide Season 12

  1. tea on Mariah Carey’s flings. she seems like a prude ? is it true? did she smash jay z?

    what rituals has H.E.R done? She’s getting all these grammys and just got an Oscar

    Has meek got his bussy busted open by those white billionaires?

    1. OMG! I thought about the Sam thing this morning! Was she sacrificed and what’s the story leading up to her death?

    2. I didn’t know Flo Jo died until I read this comment. Wow.
      She was a icon why isn’t this spoke about even with Beyoncé dressing like her for Halloween 🤔 wow

  2. I want to know the behind the scenes on mindless behavior and why their group disbanded and more sugar on LL cool J.

  3. This may sound crazy, but I want to know the inside story of the earlier seasons of power rangers. I heard they were paid shit and some of the cast members were bullied and harassed by producers. I also want to know if there were any secret hook-ups between the cast. I also want to know the backstory of the show Friends and 90210. I know we got a biopic of 90210 but I feel like they purposely left some stuff out.

  4. The sugar on soap stars. Do they have to do rituals like Hollywood? The sugar on the 90’s Atlanta Braves team, they had David Justice(married Halle Berry), Otis Nixon(married Pebbles) and why the Mets seem to hate them. Seemed a little deeper than baseball.

  5. The Leverts death. How both brothers did back to back like that and Eddie alive. I mean it happens but we know the business. Did it just happen 🧐🧐🧐

  6. I like the idea of the LeVerts as well. I would like to hear the entire back story of Shakir Stewart’s death. More info on Ice Cube. What really happened to John Singleton, if it was a sacrifice then by whom?
    I also would like to know if high level executives in the entertainment industry have to participate in rituals, etc. Not the top names we are all aware of..but jus executives in general.

  7. Chadwick Boseman’s Death-not sitting right, looking healthy with stage 3 cancer, working, surgeries, chemo?/Oscar Snub/What’s up with his wife. DMX Death/family said hear attach, Irv Gotti said crack and fentanyl. Sacrifice? Just completed his album and his streams went up 928%

  8. Jill Marie Jones – is she bi? What is the real reason she left Girlfriends? How was Tracee Ellis Ross able to land Blackish? Was it purely talent or something else?

  9. What happened to Sanaa Lathan’s career? What is going on with Gabby and Dwayne Wade? Are they sacrificing their kids to get put on?

  10. WE NEED TUPAC TEA DID HE AND JADA SMASH ?? And what male rappers had to get popped or pop someone for a record deal?

  11. Chris Evans (captain America) the full tea. Who is he dating? Is he gay?

    Henry Cavill where did he come from? how did he secure the “Superman role” in the Justice league series.

    Christian Bale full story.

    John Boyega is he with a love and hip chick?

    Daniel Kaluuya is he a “good” guy no rituals?

  12. Anne Hathaway why is she the most hated in Hollywood?

    Ryan Reynolds full tea.

    Michael Fassender full tea.

    Zoe kravitz and her husband why did they divorce?

  13. Did Ty Ty ( camel’s) bff and Memphis Bleek have to do any rituals? Are they exempt? Seems like H.E.R is what Ella Mai was supposed to be. What happens now that H.E.R is replacing Alicia Keys. What rituals has Alicia done? She just came out with a skin care line. What rituals did Lakeith Stanfield have to perform?

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