May 16, 2022

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12 thoughts on “The Ritual Is Complete Sacrifice Season Is Here

  1. i hope nobody comes in here saying….. OMG conspiracy theory people or here comes the tin fold hat people.. The higher up is taking our favorite artist and bring in people with no talent NO NOTHING. and im sick of it but what can you do…..???

  2. This is so sad.. and I agree with your comment .. taking out the greats and the legends and pushing these talentlesss mediocre artists on us.. smh

  3. All praise to the most high heavenly father Yah

    They do everything by numbers yall have to be careful of idol worshipping them celebrities

  4. I guess what I’m confused w/is 2/3 were broke @ the time of their deaths, 1 of the 3 literally was a one-hit wonder & the one who wasn’t hasn’t done anything in decades nor were they rich enough like the rappers who make the Forbes list for it to make any sense as to why they would be “taken out”

    A major star or someone close to a major star I can see the argument, but these 3 in particular seem completely random & unexpected

    1. Very good point. The only one to me that would be of “value” to them would be DMX. Earl, even though no longer as poppin as in his peak, still carried more weight today than poor Rob and Shock G.

  5. This just shows you how evil these people are. They went and chose 3 people that aren’t even dealing with music like that no more and took them out. DMX was the only one who still dabbled and did music, but still he was no where near his peak days when it came to it. What can those 3 souls do for you? Sad and twisted the Elites are, I tell. Rest in peace to all 3 of these men 🙏🙏.

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