May 16, 2022

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24 thoughts on “Bind Item

  1. Hmmmm…Les c……the first one between Meg, Cardi, Giselle… lol idk the second… maybe Lebron….n the las one …drake

    1. Giselle would be the permit A++ star and she hasnt had any performances with Meg or Cardi. Definitely not Giselle.

      1. A++ Janet
        A+ Missy
        A- Neyo
        rejected = Badgyal

        SC30 and Wife vs Miley LMAO

        Meek and MTS

  2. 1) for some reason I Feel like J-Lo is apart of this one.

    2) Lebron still being the fake representation of “Black Love” and cheating on his black Queen with many women, and his main side piece being white makes it more funny. Did he stop funding Yes Juelz homes she always get whenever he change teams & now she ready to spill tea?

    3) if Drake gunnin for Kim K why was he bothering Robyn & Rakim? Lol petty Scorpio. Drake ain’t gonna stop until he get revenge on Kanye for snitching about Adonis.

  3. 2 is definitely Lebron, he posted savannah then paid the shaderoom to promote it.

    3 is drake and kim k. Kim would be dumb asf if she got with him, she can do better than that he’s for the streets. Didn’t he smash kylie and kris???

  4. Somehow the first one is definitely JLo

    Number 2 is definitely Lebron

    Number 3 is none other than fake ass Drake. Is he delusional? How is he going to entice Kim with those etch a sketch abs? I think Kim is trying to go back to a real athlete like Reggie with the legitimate muscles.

  5. Drake don’t want Kim. He’ll fuck her and that’s about it! Anyone who thinks he’ll wife Kanye’s leftovers is delusional. And didn’t y’all already report that they were in contact? He’s not playing step dad to Kim’s and Kanye’s children. I thought he was still after Rihanna.

    1. Exactly what I keep saying Drake is not fucking with Kim on that level. If anything I see him taking his bm more serious than any kardashian/jenner.

  6. I have no idea what 1 is I’m thinking the second one is Lebron and the third could be Drake. I’ll wait for the answers 🤣

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