May 16, 2022

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12 thoughts on “Scottie Pippen’s Son Dies At 33 Did Scottie Offer Him Up?

  1. If not Scottie he better take a look at Larsa. You know she wanna be on the Kardashian’s level so bad she might be willing to do anything.

    Side Note: Gametria is so fascinating! I wanna dig deeper into that.

  2. Also 33 days until the NBA Finals and the day he died was the one year anniversary of the last dance premiered.

    As of the announcement of his sons death the Chicago Bulls record was 23-33, the numbers of Jordan and Pippen.

    Gemantria is real and there is so much more to this, everything is connected through it.

  3. G, please talk about how Diddy done popped out with a new record label call love records with his gay ass to extort more artists he posted a video on ig and of course did the Illuminati symbolism

  4. That was the first thing that came to mind. I was like if the son is 33, then most likely Pippen is a 33rd degree mason. It was on my head heavily when i saw this news. Gematria is real. You can find calculators or Gematria generators online.

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