May 16, 2022

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15 thoughts on “Spilling Sugar on Everyone Sundays

  1. Idk too much about City Girls but young Miami held it down while jt was away. It would be pretty messed up to let a man come between them

    1. Jt not grateful enough. She went in broke and came out to all this money. She’s acting like she doesn’t care. Yung Miami worked for this. I wonder what uzi said to jt. 808 basically stated that it was some issues.

  2. Is danileigh pregnant by the dababy
    What birdman is gay? Jk
    Jlo can’t keep a man
    Victoria should slapped him what’s wrong with her

  3. Jlo needs to be in a relationship with herself. Lenny does not need to be with her. He seems to be so at peace and Zen, he needs to leave her alone.
    I hope all is well with Brad. I don’t believe he took his wisdom teeth out and he is looking real skinny these days, so I hope he is alright

  4. Victoria B is going to keep being mad and David is going to keep cheating unfortunately.

    And in return WHAT??

    Danileigh is just corny to me. Before the yellow bone thing.

  5. JLo and Lenny Kravitz have been friends for years. He is also friends with her ex-fiance ARod and his ex-wife Cynthia. Lenny is a laid-back, unbothered soul who doesn’t need to be a part of JLo’s circus and paparazzi driven life. Instead of telling ARod to “fix it” she needs to follow her own advice and fix herself. She knew what she was getting when she tapped ARod on the shoulder. Her friends warned her about his philandering ways and she didn’t want to hear it. Her mentality is this- she thinks that she is the most desirable woman on the planet, and no man is going to look at another woman let alone cheat on her. Too self-centered and too my way or the highway. Buyer beware! As for her keeping ARod’s engagement ring and all the other expensive acquisitions- the Cartier ring, the emerald earrings, the Porsche, consider them payment for services rendered and hazard pay for embarrassment caused during this relationship.

  6. Is Dani pregnant?

    JLO needs to sit still and alone. I don’t know how people can swing from relationship to another, especially long intense ones. You need time to self reflect.

    What will Toni get in return?

  7. This was cool lol but I really need the sugar on why they STILL hiding meek mill baby? I heard he had a lazy eye and they can’t fix it til he’s 2….

  8. What is Toni getting in return? Don’t do it Lenny! But I can’t blame J Lo because he is fine. Brad in a wheelchair? WTF?!

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