May 16, 2022

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14 thoughts on “Word Has It Wednesday

  1. I love Drake, but he seems kinda messy. Yes he’s rich and can obviously have almost anyone, but I feel like he act like the high school kid that really can’t pull, but got hid money ti work wonders for him. At this point he should have moved on. He claimed he was so in love, what happened you love whores and pornstars more. Drake seem kinda sick and twisted and I hate to say it because it’s starting to effect the way i see him

  2. Drake I’m sure by now has heard rih and ASAP was going through issues *wouldnt shock me if someone in rih crew told him* and tried to be slick and see if he could test the temperature.

    He probably was trying to see if he could get a rise out of Rocky by asking to speak to rih in front of him & if Rocky would’ve flipped drake would’ve been like “why you bothered? Must not be so confident about y’all relationship after all”.

    He also was probably trying to see if rih would be willing to step away from her current man to talk to her ex man, that would’ve said a lot to drake. Maybe even gave him some hope of wearing her down again.

    Good for Rocky for playing it cool and not giving drake the satisfaction & good for rih for basically still standing by her man. Yeah we going through issues but you ain’t about to be disrespectful and try to be petty to him.

    I find it funny how after that they left the club together at the same time but for the paps to see & apparently left in the same car even though they arrived separately. Also the very next night she was wearing his hat and carrying one of his duffle bag’s. Maybe rih shutting drake down like that for everybody to see showed Rocky that she really is just focused on him & trying to make them work. We will have to see.

    1. He also had her lipstick all over his cheek. So yeah I think drake got the total opposite reaction he was looking for hahaha

  3. Ooohhh this is juicy lol. I said Drake isn’t over Rhianna. It was just a matter of time before he made his way back around. And Drake can pretend all he wants, but he knows he hates seeing her with a “friend.” I mean any normal person would. This is weird and awkward as hell.

  4. This is giving me Chris Brown vs Drake club fight part 2 & we all know what happened afterwards & who Rih eventually got back with once she came to her senses

    Notice Drake didn’t pull this w/Hassan bc he knows who to try it w/& doesn’t respect whatever this COVID situationship is

    W. That being said, it’s not like Rih/ASAP even looked like they were even together or a solid thing over these past few months & even now Jasmine seems to also be in the same cities @ the same time as ASAP which if I was Rih I would not be entering this

    There’s no such thing as a faithful rapper

    ASAP can make time for Melissa’s party but not Rihanna’s mother’s birthday dinner who Rih’s Brother & his significant other was there so why wasn’t ASAP?

    Like even Ciara was able to find a better dude after messing w/rappers so there’s literally no excuse for Rih to be going out like this

    Rih has to be embarrassed bc there’s nothing cute about this situation @ all.

    Messing w/ppl in the same friend group & going back & forth between the same men in the friend group who already have shared other women, including Drake’s baby mama too isn’t a good look no matter how you spin it & if this becomes serious, I expect some backlash once it hits mainstream bc ASAP is still bad for business & fans have already threatened to boycott Fenty Beauty & Fenty Savage if that happens

    How can you own be the owner & face of these multi billionaire companies, be an social justice activist, pro-BLM, then lay down with someone who literally has spoken out publicly against everything you stand for in this current climate?

    It’s the lack of self-awareness for me

    Ppl didn’t forget how hard in the paint 45 worked for ASAP when he was in jail for assault & ASAP’s history

    It’s not a situation of fans wanting Rih to be miserable as much as it is they see this whole situation as a complete downgrade & are literally disgusted by it bc Rih is too old for this behavior

    1. Rih was being pulled away from her own family and friends by Hassan cause he wanted her up under him at all times without them around being controlling so it wouldn’t have mattered. Rih could barely hang out with her family just to hang out with him cause he was that controlling.

      Y’all still trying to attach jasmine to Rocky at every turn but it always flops. Said he was in different states with her and he wasn’t even in the country but he’s now been in NY & LA with Rih and it’s Rih rocking his clothes not Jasmine. And he didn’t go to her mom B-Day because he had already left to LA ahead of her & her family. Clearly she wasn’t too mad since he still is around.

      And fenty is a brand purchased by many different ethnicities, the only ones foolishly mad enough to “boycott” over a relationship is black people specifically black women *the ones who care, some of us do not* cause of Rocky comments from 8 years ago. Literally every other race does not care about Rih & ASAP dating Nor do they care about almost 10 year old comments he’s clarified & apologized for. That would just be black women standing alone but oh well. Besides Boycotts don’t usually last anyway so 24 hours of not buying fenty products before it’s back to buying will not phase rih in the slightest 😂

  5. Drake is a beta male who has low self esteem and low confidence once you strip away the rap shit. He uses his image and fame and money to get women but deep down knows rih doesn’t want him. From what I hear Melissa sun Rory were behind this mess which is wild because Melissa was happy for her and rocky at first. Maybe Melissa knows something we don’t but they have never been going ho about them being together anyway. I bet money rih will never take drake back and she will eventually leave rocky. You heard it here first.

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