May 16, 2022

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7 thoughts on “Hot Takes 4/14/2021

  1. Nick Cannon is for the streets.

    What’s Black Rob trying to say? It’s clear as day he isn’t alright. He is SICKLY we seen it. All through his face it looked like death planted its seed. I hate to say that, but come on man. Even if you not homesless, You are NOT ok. The media didn’t tell us, YOU did on video.

  2. Bad Boy label – either the artist ran to religion or gotten very sick.. Sad
    I hope Justin Karma be public so he can know how it feels

  3. Nah, Black Rob may just be trying to hold onto mannish street pride or maybe he feels embarrassed because of his appearance and what his circumstances are. But that video didn’t lie and the streets don’t lie. We just need to surround him with love and support right now. I hate that I still see some commenters in blogs ridiculing his circumstances. There but for the Grace of God go you. Rob could be any of our brothers, Uncs, Cousins, brothas from the block…Im praying for his health, his housing and his support services to be put into place and restored.

  4. G you been said that Justin’s and Janets nip slip was planned and when shit went left he definitely left Janet to rot and take the blame!!!

    Also, is Black Rob okay? He definitely looks sick!

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