May 16, 2022

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26 thoughts on “Burning Hot Tea You heard it Hear First

  1. So what did lori say? And when did dess and future split?

    Drake again. What rihanna say? Who started it?

    Chloe is idk…

    Lindsey needed answers okay

      1. I heard this too and that he also got some other chick pregnant which is why things broke off before but idk.

  2. Respectfully, I haven’t listened to AK since I found out she was messing with swizz while he was still married… it turned me all the way off.

      1. The last album Or song I Listened to by Alicia keys is the element of freedom and the one song she had with nicki other than that I don’t care for Alicia keys

  3. So H.E.R. bought into the industry huh?
    Never was an AK fan, don’t like her singing and b4 Swizz, she did the same thing to a man that I think was in her band and we all know Drake ain’t happy about Rih & Rocky.

    1. I believe so as well normally when someone kisses their significant other and they have on lipstick their girl will whipe the lipstick off the guys face. It’s a PR stunt

  4. Good can’t stand Alicia keys
    What Leo is bisexual when??
    And see why sell your soul all their gonna do is throw you in the trash

  5. Honestly I could see her deactivating alicia keys but I just don’t get the her hype I’ve never heard a song by her on the radio or anywhere to be honest. But she has been winning awards like crazy and it’s simply because of her father. I see she plays multiple instruments like Alicia keys or the piano like her.

  6. Ok this one got me hype! Lol

    Future funny he hit up Lori and Joie recently lol he for the streets

    Ari smh Im not surprised tho

    Drake and asap?? Lmao what? Rih must have good cat. I hope a video gets released of that

  7. Chloe self esteem is that low? Damn…

    ASAP and Drake got into it? Can’t wait to hear the details.

    Demi is gone. Her mind is totally gone. I’m just praying for her at this point.

    Ariana seem like she is best suited for an a committed open relationship. She gets bores easily. I’ve always thought this about her and sure enough it’s correct.

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