May 16, 2022

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9 thoughts on “Sugar Bullets : Lucy Pearl

  1. Dance Tonight is still one of my favorite songs, it stays in heavy rotation. I should have known they were messing around that’s usually how is goes and then somebody feelings get hurt. Raphael could’ve helped her out a little bit though.

  2. True tea. Dawned pulled a Rihanna on him she told him you must don’t no who the fuck I am. There was a huge argument because yes Dawn wanted to keep it strictly business but she has a flirtatious nature and most discussions led to innuendos that she didn’t mean to put out there. Dawn wanted to keep it business after she realized she was catching feelings. She didn’t want to mess up what they had because truthfully she no longer had envogue. She was also physical with Ralph during a writing session. That was the main reason why they replaced her. Ralph was quoted saying basically shit got messy

  3. I didn’t know they slept together but I’m not surprised. Ralphael seems like a ladies man. Like he will sweet talk you out the panties. Was Dawn writing songs? I need more tea on Raphael

  4. It was only a matter of time before I got some tea about one of my faves Raphael. Lol. However, I am not jaded and I put nothing past no one in regards to celebs so I am also not surprised to hear this. It sounds like he and Dawn were both alike so it was bound to go up in flames eventually.

    I might regret saying this, lol, but I’d also like some more tea on Mr. Saadiq. I remember he dated Rocsi one time and dated/helped Joss Stone.

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