May 16, 2022

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10 thoughts on “Decipher: The Truth About Cardi B’s XXL Interview part 2

  1. There was nothing to decipher! She said what she said! If you are a fan you know how she rolls. She is a perfectionist! She’s a Libra! She is competitive, but more with herself. She always just wanted to create her own lane, she doesn’t like beef. She’s not a people person. That’s it. She def wants to be #1 and there’s nothing wrong with that. She’s been saying Nicki’s name. She mentioned it last interview think for WAP… She’s really not as insecure as y’all think. But she def wants to do things her way. It was a nice interview

    1. I totally agree with u…I’m a Libra myself an when we have to stamp our name on something you bets to believe we gone put our all in it. And we not fake, we either like u or we don’t. No in between. It’s sad that her and Nicki couldn’t have a better friendship. Libras and Sags our made to be besties.

  2. She’s such a liar that’s all she do lol I think Doja doing a record with her will hurt Doja. Most of her fan base is barbs and they don’t fw Cardi. Meg started doing worse after WAP. Her songs are charting as high and she gets alot more hate now. When Cardi collab with these girls it helps her, but hurts them.

  3. she’s competitive. Like we know women are catty, that’s where the cattiness comes from…. the competitive nature. U mean to tell me u in an industry where ppl can flip on u in 1 day and your money flow can dip and u want to say YOURE NOT COMPETITIVE. It’s a dog eat dog industry and if you’re not competitive they’re going to throw u to the wolves. So we know that’s a lie just based off of her past actions. I love her personality and her as an entertainer, but everyone lies in these interviews.

  4. you need to get Nicki’s titties out your mouth. 1) Cardi did an interview on the breakfast club years ago and stated a rapper she loved and grew up listening to was mean to her. It was Nicki bc SHE WAS JEALOUS. It was a breakfast club interview. 2) Libras ARE competitive and so what?! Rap is competitive not complacent. It’s healthy to be competitive in the sport of rap. 3) there was nothing to decipher and I feel like you just wanted to trash Cardi for no reason! Y’all mad bc a personality made rapper is doing her thing. I hope her and Nicki collab. I hope Nicki apologies to Kim so they can collab.

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