May 22, 2022

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11 thoughts on “The Truth Behind The Future and Nicki Minaj Beef

  1. I got drake vibes from Future reading this and it was until this year I realized they the same sign. this is interesting I’ve been listening to you the baddest with him and nicki for months and wondered what type of friends are they. Now i got my answer they tried but don’t mix.

  2. So my question is the photo of Future and Megan in the club after the “foot shooting”situation, did they have a fling too? I remember we seen him with chyna she even tatted his name and after that he was done.

  3. I said this!! I said nicki only tours with dudes she’s smashing!!! It was obvious after the songs “u da baddest” and “sir”

  4. Wow so many people especially men did her dirty over the last couple of years, because she wasn’t interested in them. There’s a pattern of men trying to get with her at the height of a beef or right after a breakup when she’s vulnerable mentally and emotionally. Also I love Nic, but I get why Drake was hurt because Future/Quavo/Meek are all his close industry ‘bro’s’ and it’s like she entertains the people close to him, but not him…
    But then again he’s not entitled to her ‘love’. This makes that line at the end of his song ‘Not you too’ make sense when he says “all my nggz love you and now you got us all involved, ain’t no going back to how we started off” 👀

  5. Wow she must’ve been really vulnerable to let future think they were gonna be anything more than a fling. The queen was tryna find love wherever she could around that time smh. I’m still mad about kenny let me go. 😂

  6. Men really ain’t shit, future tried to get at nicki while she was vulnerable..she don’t owe him pussy just cuz of a phone call. Tuh!

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