May 16, 2022

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5 thoughts on “Decipher The Cardi B XXl Interview

  1. She’s saying stand on your own 2 feet. She’s also hinting that folks be in her dm wanting support and the go run up Nicki’s name. I don’t think it’s that folks don’t support her, I think it’s the age difference. If she likes you, she’s going too be genuine, but she isn’t gonna do the most. Bc she doesn’t have to! There’s a difference between being nonchalant and trying to stop folks bags… She’s not gonna move like that!

  2. I knew she knew about that love when meg was saying “I’m finna go WRITE some shit” being shady lol. It’s no way she didn’t know cardi ain’t as dumb as ppl make her out to be. Wap was definitely a business deal she already says she doesn’t have any real industry friends.

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