July 2, 2022

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17 thoughts on “Asap Rocky and Rihanna Behind The Scenes

    1. Exactly. Even these last few sightings of her she’s been glowing and everybody was celebrating it until they got spotted together and then they said she was “just smiling for the camera”. Never heard of a fan base that is praying for they fave to get her heartbroken cause they think she should reconcile with a past ex of her’s that also broke her heart lol saying Rocky is gonna destroy her and she should go back to _____ but Every last one of Rihanna exes have broken her heart in some way, but because it’s them or because they have a bigger name or bank account fans feel she should suck it up and deal with it essentially.

  1. Does he want to start a family with her ? Does she truly want a family with him or is it because she wants to be a mother now and whoever comes up will do

    1. Same question i got. Do he wants that with her? The past few post on them was about what she wanted far as family and children.

  2. I mean the pap pics showed them going the opposite direction

    Why would their alleged soho place be on the market still if they allegedly talked everything out?

    I don’t know what there is to talk about if a man hasn’t made it a point to see you in a couple of months, doesn’t see you on your birthday or Valentine’s Day, but makes time for his ex who for the past couple of months seem to be on the same travel schedule as ASAP.

    I also didn’t see ASAP last night @ Mama Fenty’s birthday dinner.

    This was always a quarantine fling & nothing more

    1. There wasn’t a quarantine back in 2012. Or the many other years they dealt with each other. Flings ain’t supposed to meet your family for the holidays either they supposed to stay the background for a reason….

  3. They were together a year. Bought a loft together and NOWWWW want to get into some heavy discussions like Hassan and other chics(which at this point Rocky probably still smashing). Shouldn’t that taken place early in 2020 before buying property and meeting of the families. Make it make sense. This is a rebound relationship. Rhianna needs to run for the hills. Sit down and do some self reflecting. Let this thing with Rocky go.

    1. Chile I agree with you. Why are they having all these issues now!!! He should have ensured she was over Hassan before taking it any further. Same goes for Rihanna. I don’t believe for one second he’ll be faithful to her. I think she just love the idea of being in love or in a relationship. Where was he last night
      For her mother’s bday. Rorrey’s girlfriend was there as always. He should have been there. Aren’t they a couple? She jumped into the relationship with him too soon. Take time by yourself and reflect… jumping from relationship to relationship is a temporary fix.

  4. Y’all so negative in these comments. Wanna keep labeling this some fly by night quarantine fling when they’ve been dealing with each other off and on for YEARS! how y’all have paid to have access to this blog that has repeated that MANY times & still wanna remain in denial about it is beyond me. Clearly Rihanna feels there is something special there & I pray to god she ain’t snooping on what these fans is talking about and letting that come between them cause lord knows they’ve been grabbing at every straw they can to try to paint Rocky as this horrible person that has a sneaky motive for being with rih like he hasn’t been a friend of her’s for many years.

    And it’s hilarious how everybody wants to throw out who they think would be the perfect fit for her and all these dudes come with negative traits. From drake all the way down to Even that billionaire cause the more shit that gets revealed about him, the more I realize people just wanted her with him for the status, the bragging rights, and the image. That man really is like every other billionaire out there…a wolf in sheep clothing If you know you know.

    1. Personally I don’t think any of her exes are worth the time because as it has been stated all of them have screwed her over at some point in time or broken her heart. It’s time to try something NEW. NO Drake. NO Hassan. NO Rocky. Time for _____, whomever NEW dude is.

      Rhianna dates around but her serious relationships are with guys she has had dating interactions with in the past , insert Drake. Like how many times can one try before they realize it is a epic fail. She dates in a circle. Hassan was the FIRST new dude, that Rhianna had a serious relationship with in years. I think the last time was the baseball player right after the Chris incident.

      Ok now we have Asap. Again somebody who she is friends with and tried to date in the past and it didn’t work out for whatever reason. She now double backs to the guy and here she is again having issues. You been together a year bought property together. Now you wanna argue or disagree on things that shoulda been talked about early on. That isn’t smart beloved.

      Thing is Rhianna doesn’t give herself time to self reflect. She left Drake the last time and went straight to Hassan. She left Hassan and went straight to Rocky. Where is the time to figure out things for yourself, so next time you can do better with choosing your partner. That just doesn’t go for Rhianna, but anybody who keeps having these types of hang ups. It’s NOT that people want to see her broken hearted, but the writing is always on the wall when it comes to these relationships and her. And this IS what I have picked up just from this blog when they dish out information lol.

  5. I always felt she moved too fast with Rocky every time they would messing around with each other. I wonder what it is that keeps her going back to him. Now she wants a family and wants one with him ? Hmmmm 🧐

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