July 6, 2022

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8 thoughts on “Hot Takes 4/2/2021

    1. Yes G we need the city girls tea there’s clearly some drama behind the scenes at QC. And JT fucking up the brand I’m sick of her coach and p better get her together asap

  1. People think Kendall will be a sacrifice.. for some reason I didn’t think Jeezy would actually go through with it but he did.. who is Brandon? Lil Uzi acts like a little girl JT need to leave him where he at

  2. I love hot takes but if you ever have back stories on the latest stuff, could you maybe put it in the posts as well? Or do ur amazing deep dives on random hot topics? Like is Dani Leigh really prego? Is Karrueche actually still communicating with victor & has Chris gotten through yet? Was Nike really in the dark about Nas X & his deal? The relationship of Quavo & Saweetie. Kendall and Devin Booker gettin serious. Thank you for all you do!! It is all very much appreciated

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