May 16, 2022

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17 thoughts on “The Truth Behind The Quavo & Saweetie Elevator Fight

  1. I thought it was funny that the shade room posted a short clip and they don’t show how she smacked him

  2. I’ve always side eyed Quavo since Huncho dreams – so corny when a man is that comfortable disrespecting/airing out a woman. I was also surprised at how long him and Saweetie lasted the audacity of the man to turn around and say you’re not the woman I thought you were 🥴 ikyfl

    1. Gaslighting at its best. Trying to make her feel like she’s the issue. They did the right thing by breaking up.

  3. I don’t understand why they posted the edited clip knowing that was not the fill clip. Sounds like a person trying to control a narrative. Your assessment of exactly the view I had too.

  4. If you have any common sense, it will tell you that the only scenario possible for her walking out “limping” was because he either fell on her leg or her ankle. I truly don’t think hurting her was his intention. Sometimes you just gotta let shit go, and that goes to both of them. He shouldn’t have went back for his shit, and she shouldn’t have fought to keep something as petty as a call of duty case.

  5. Whewwwwwwww!!!! A mess!! I’m not surprised by any of this to be honest. This was bound to happen sooner or later ! You can tell shit was distant between them two.

    1. What kill me is all the men and pick me’s are trying to blame saweetie. But when the story come out they gon eat they words. I saw some ppl saying the bag was a gift to saweetie, then men ofc said if quavo bought it he should be able to take it back. I’m SO curious to see what they gonna say since saweetie was the one who bought the bag lmaoooo

  6. It wasn’t about the call of duty case. The case was just the vessel Saweetie used to finally let that fool have it. The girl was tired of the bullcrap, the constant lying and cheating. She may have swung but it didn’t look like it connected. But that WWE body toss Quavo did on her sure did. And Saweetie is the one who got up limping. He as a dude is clearly stronger. As a result he can probably kiss what’s left of his career goodbye. Migos are already on life support. Since he is Mr. Money bags he should have let her have the case and go buy a new one. That move is something regular budget adjusted people do. Things that make you go hmmm.

  7. Another elevator situation with no sound sounds familiar to me. We’ll see where their careers will now lead…

  8. I’m just glad she finally said she’s done & left with no babies. She’s still young beautiful and talent is subjective cause I kno a lot of ppl be tryna play her lol. I always say I do not believe every man is the same. I hope she finds one who gives her a love that she can only dream of.

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