May 16, 2022

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2 thoughts on “Hot Takes 3/28

  1. How can they not talk about what she did when she dressed as the devil and posted those weird pics of different foods you broke down as satanic? What about the checkerboard background for her album? The satanic themes in videos or was it just a coincidence? Funny how it switched up or did she already fulfill her contract? I mean… I didn’t know they could outfight dispute being down with Satan… Idk.. maybe I need to go back and read..

    1. No it’s not that she isn’t still down she just can’t admit that outright to the public lol. Some people joke about sellin their soul but they do it in a sarcastic manner so you can’t really tell they’re being serious. She’s definitely still down but it’s not supposed to be in plain sight to us. They don’t think we know the secrets.

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