May 16, 2022

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18 thoughts on “Blind Sugar 3/27/

  1. I have no idea. 1. Could be jlo or Rhi or Lori harvey.. I dunno…
    2. No clue- “they can go turkey” meaning go cold turkey? Or to Turkey or neither??
    3. Bow Wow? Drake? … not sure who I should be identifying, the woman, the Former A status or the A+ status….

  2. I have not 1 solitary clue on this one!!! Im just gonna wait to see the answers, but these were good blinds!

  3. 2 the first t hi bc that came to my mind was fifth harmony. I have no clue about the others. I will wait for the reveal

  4. Definitely 1.) RiRi & Leo
    2.) Fifth Harmony but there’s only 4 of them lol
    3.) KCole Bow Wow & Aubrey

  5. I believe the first one may be Rihanna and the last one could be Drake, Bow Wow but idek who the girl is. The second one no clueee

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