May 17, 2022

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20 thoughts on “Lil Nas X fucks the Devil and Gives him His soul The industry has been Told they Better not throw him under the bus

  1. G, did you see the letter he to write his young self? Saying that people are going to say he’s pushing an agenda. Then said he IS pushing an agenda, an agenda to be who you are and for people to basically stay out of other people’s business. Thank you for keeping us informed G.

  2. This is fuck up. I never watch any of his videos. I don’t listen to his music at all. I don’t like him. He need to go away.

  3. I just saw little clips of the video and that was too much for me. I aint watching the whole video because it’s way too evil for me.

  4. This crap was too much. I hate how if u don’t like it ppl try n call u no. Don’t nobody wanna see ANYONE fucking the devil, that’s just weird. If a woman made this she’d be crucified as well (pun intended)

  5. I dont know his music and have no desire to know but there’s no need to decipher. It’s so obvious and if they can’t see it, then people lack common sense..

  6. Sad part is that people REALLY think NOT liking this video has to do with this man being gay. Who cares that he is gay. Are we just supposed to ignore the fact that he embodies Satan at the end. The industry is sick and twisted.

  7. I muted the sound and didn’t look at the symbols that they had on the tree. This is some sick shit. Music videos used to be fun to watch. Even when the symbolism was there before, it wasn’t THIS blatant. Let’s all turn the song “Earth Is Ghetto” on … I wanna leeeeave, lol.

  8. Wait y’all, the devil got on the damn 666 gym shoes with the real blood in them😂. This is truly out of control. Trying to lead the children astray

  9. This video is one of the most fucked up I’ve seen. And it’s so LIVE man. How do people not see what’s going on!?!?

  10. Yeah this ain’t it & confirmation of how evil this industry is. But G you did say he wasn’t even really gay is that still true??

  11. y’all are WILD. especially OP. i was really behind you til you posted this. he literally did this to make people like you “clutch your pearls” and be so repulsed. he wanted you to question everything. it’s all an allegory😂 yall need to learn what art is and what it represents. him sliding down a pole to hell is one of the most daring and artistic things i’ve seen represented to show religious nuts that say he’s going to hell, that if he is he’s going there in style. he wants to make you uncomfortable!!! that’s the whole point. congratulations for getting the point

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