May 16, 2022

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21 thoughts on “Hot Takes Tuesday Nicki Minaj and Kenneth Petty

  1. You think she would try to get with drake ? He seems to be her only equal in status and in terms of the place they are at in their lives . They’ve always been synonymous with each other and if anybody can bring her back in the good graces of people it could be drake . Also they’d be damn near the biggest hip hop couple ever at this point if she starts dropping fire music , am I reaching or has this possibility completely dead and delusional ?

    1. Good graces? Lmao. You know how stupid you sound. She is perfectly where she is at. Good graces y’all act like Nicki bothers people when it’s the people that come at her. Y’all love unapologetic, boss, outspoken woman until it’s nicki YALL want her to kiss these people *** so bad but guess what it ain’t happening

  2. Nope because Drake is to flakey for me! He worshipped Rihanna and messed that up! So no to that! He’s not ready for Nicki!

    1. So y’all want nicki to be with nas a man that abuse women so it all makes sense y’all don’t want her with Kenny that these blogs claim that he is but it’s okay to be with an abuser that nas is Lol

  3. If this happens I would be so happy for her I just hate that she would be a single mom. Anything is better than being with someone of Kenny’s stature though it looks so bad because they keep tryna link her to rapists now. She had a child to think about now I hope everything she does it’s in his best interest.

  4. Goodbye Kenneth, he is an ass. I think she will leave him before the year is up. There is no need to wait till 2022. The marriage is already over.

    1. According to who, g? Because this blog says it’s true. Y’all need to really focus on y’all own private life and stay out of onika’s life as a wife and mother

      1. Stfupp wht do you mean according to who? Yes it’s because they say so 9/10 do you not know the background of the ppl who run this blog? What do you follow and subscribe for if you’re not gonna believe their info?

      2. Lee Lee shut the fuck up. I said what I said. He not a good man. Don’t come for me again. Why are you on this blog.

      1. Real fans mind their business and not concern yourself with nicki private life. I can be any blog I want to be on I pay for it. I don’t believe anything these blogs say about nicki and her husband. How would g know about nicki marriage? So you shut up

  5. This is not a shocker, but I have to say they lasted longer than I thought. The main concern is that cute little baby they have together.

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