October 6, 2022

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26 thoughts on “New Segment Plot Twist

  1. WAIT, Doja whose miss I never like black men slept w/Jay-Z? Did Megan sleep w/Jay too bc that encounter w/B @ the Grammys looked so uncomfortable

    B always threatens to leave Jay & then he just does another vow renewal ceremony, waits it out for awhile before he cheats again & tries to be more discreet but it never works.

    Tina congratulating him was cringe like how can you sit there & allow your daughter to be humiliated & cheated on like this?

    Solo seems to be the only one in that family that doesn’t put up w/BS from men but @ the same time this family drama while trying to sell this squeaky clean image has been one for the ages

    Now I see why B got those BBL. A mess

    Toya better move on for good from that cheating husband. You can get a good looking successful black man. The weight gain was probably due to the stress & drama he caused w/him being unfaithful. Now that she dropped the dead weight, so did those pounds & I’m sure he misses the lifestyle Toya provides as well

    I always thought Kylie’s baby was Tyga’s. Does he care for Stormi too?

    If it’s the current home Melanie is @ that she’s featured on IG, it looks very nice 👀

    It’s all but a forgone conclusion Drake & Kim will end up together & it will no doubt cause drama between Kris, Kylie & Kim

    1. I did think it was weird how kylie and corey got close. He use to be super close to kourt. Kendall be out the way i like ha.

  2. Yes this tea right here.. and I wondered about stormy she looks nothing like Travis.. stormy even has his last name.. whew Chile and if Kylie is sleeping with Cory that’s just crazy but they did become really close at one point so did him and kourtney.
    Remember those pics that were going around and it looked like Lauren and Eniko were about to fight at Roc nation… well well now we know what that was about

  3. Don’t forget These are Alleged Theories y’all lol but an interesting segment. I can believe some of these to be true cause it would make sense haha

  4. Doja cat slept with camel face
    Kim Porter might be true
    Chris and swatlee false he’s with me sometimes
    Stormie not being Travis I believe it she’s got tyga’s forehead

  5. You mean Des- CEO of Roc Nation- that got pardoned by Trump for drug trafficking charges and the same one Meg shouted at in her Grammy speech is the one who shot Meg? Wow that is insane

  6. Oohhhh, this was bubbling hot!! Im glad someone explained who Destiny is, because I was lost. These may be alleged, but somehow I believe every single one. Especially Tyga being Stormi’s dad..I always thought that.

  7. When i saw Melanie Fiona in the pic, i was side eyeing cause she be talkin like shes all spiritual and “woke” buuut she would let J fund a home? I always wondered what happened to her career too. 2 albums then nothing.

  8. Whew lawd…. this was that ol’ sun glazed, lemon honey Southern tea right here! I can believe most of these though, alot of this makes sense. Especially that Larsa and Kanye situation.

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