May 16, 2022

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15 thoughts on “Sugar Bullets Blu Cantrell

  1. I do remember Blu having a beautiful voice, it’s a shame she’s not as big as she should be. She kinda reminds me of Bey and Faith Evans. The nerve of Jay ugly ass trying to run her life. I do kinda feel like Bey might’ve put some voodoo on her, Tina taught her daughters very well.

  2. I was waiting for this!! Giselle ran that woman out of town. Watch Crazy in Love, you’ll look at it different. I’m surprised the blow (voodoo) didn’t kill Blu. Then again the colour blue is very protective.

  3. I heard she dumped Jay cause she was feelin herself abd didnt really think he would a huge star for long

  4. I hate how that evil, vile, disgusting devil jay z did her and blu kantrell is so talented and her voice is so amazing I still listen to her songs hit em style and sleep in the middle. She would’ve been big. I hope she is doing great. Jay will pay eventually

  5. Wow I always wondered what happened to her I loved her song hit em up style. Lol I was young when it came out singing my heart out.

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