May 16, 2022

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13 thoughts on “Quick Hits The Story Behind Janet Jackson Asking Tupac To Take An Aids Test But Not Q Tip

    1. Did you read the post 🥴? Janet never asked him to do that, it was a lie by John Singleton all these years…

  1. *Raises hand* yeah I love Janet, but I looked at her butt side ways for that. I mean how dare she do that to Pac. You mean to tell me John Singleton lied on that woman and had me annoyed at her for nothing. Sorry J. J 😩.

  2. Not surprised about her wanting to kiss Q-Tip over and over. There’s some audio of them recording together when she was making The Velvet Rope album and they were flirting too hard!! Lol. They definitely smashed!

  3. IDK but I was told Madge the Crypt Keeper was stealing all of JJ background dancers back then , and they were fine when they were in Rhythm Nation , but drop like flies when they got with Madge and JJ was like wtf the package is real and IDK ALLEDGEDLY was Madge known to sleep and have entanglements with her dancers to ” build chemistry ” so now Makaveli is creeping with various chicks in that circle as well as Eddie , Prince , and Paula Abdul chicks BUT JJ REALLY WANTED TO SMASH PAC she just wanted to make sure ?

    ALLEDGEDLY the reason Makaveli flipped on the Hughes Bros is because he was meant to portray ODog right ? Well the iconic M2S scene is when ODog killed the desperate crackhead dude for offering to give him head , and MC 8 just stood by and SMH saying ODog was stupid right ? ODog being hoomthug was supposed to be an open secret rumor to the characters in the original concept of the movie , and IT WAS GOING TO CULMINATE IN ODOG SETTING CoCAINE UP to get murdered due to the robbery homicide in the Korean liquor store ! See CoCaine had good christian grandparents who would have told Caine to cooperate with the detective and let ODog go to jail for his own stupid crimes and since CoCaine was 17 just turned 18 and Odog was already 19 , Odog was supposed to get life by himself for capital murder by the end of the movie ! Now the detective who interrogated CoCaine ( You know you fked up right ? ) knew Caine grandfather and was going to confront him with the robbery tape as a church or family courtesy , BUT ODOG was supposed to be the one who sent the jackers to carjack cousin Harold and they almost killed 2 birds with one stone but MC 8 pulled up and saved Caine to the hospital in the knick of time . And the dude who got stomped out was SMASHING the girl who he said was his cousin and she just blamed it on CoCaine and that why Odog was salty that Caine was leaving with Jada because he was going to have take the weight all by himself BUT MAGICALLY THE DRIVE BY HAPPENED ON MOVING DAY and Odog fired back but did he fire at Caine too when Caine ran to save Jada son from the crossfire ? Now that version of M2S would have been a crime thriller and based on Makaveli role in Juice he would have played the role of a true westcoast lgbt snitch turncoat and he realized he would have lost major street cred all around by playing role + he was facing legal problems so he felt the HUGHES had to rewrite role so he could play as Odog , get paid , pay his lawyers , never act in Above The Rim , never get shot at Quad Studio , never wind up in Clinton Prison , and have to sign a desperate deal with the Row in the 1st place SMDH .

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