September 29, 2022

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7 thoughts on “O.T..P Off The Press Behind The Scenes Of My Publicist Group Chat

  1. I mean we knew by the OTT promo nobody was buying IP. This needs to be Giselle’s last clothing line venture bc she’s not bankable in the fashion industry. Wonder how long before the inevitable “parting ways” release happens

    I see Riri has been @ Giorgio Baldi solo this week & ASAP rumored to be w/his ex

    1. Which Ex Jasmine? Let me guess cause his friend Bladi was doing a photoshoot with a female friend of his in ATL and the girl hired Jasmine as a model because she was also friends with her then Rocky is somewhere in the mix? With no pictures. Lol I don’t see how everybody can come with these rumors with not one picture for proof and take that as fact, but when someone was saying they saw rih and ASAP in NY Last week the excuse was “where’s the picture? That didn’t happen” smh

  2. Doesn’t Nebby live in Dubai full time now with the fiancé? Yeah G I would ask her yourself cause the timelines ain’t matching haha maybe they confusing Nebby with her sister who is always showing love to drake but that would be another story 👀

  3. Giselles clothing line looks ok on HER but when I see other people wearing it….it doesn’t look nice.

  4. 🤣 @ Beyonce

    As I said, Drake is single single lol. That man isn’t “Dating” anyone. He just puts these girls in a rotation and smashes until he gets bored and moves on 🤣.

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