August 18, 2022

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14 thoughts on “Hot Takes 3/8/2021

  1. So ironically when Nicki goes through some shit that is causing damage to her name and could go on her own platform and speak her truth uncensored and no sabotage…Lyor Cohen get’s Queen Radio shut down. So it’s obvious that there are still snakes in the grass regardless of the public being nice to Nicki again or possibly collaboration discussions. Unless this is all some sick game to force her to do something so they can make money off it.

  2. I’ve had it nicki needs to leave him it’s damaging her already tainted brand. She knows she’s deactivated and only has but so much more time left why would she let all her hard work go down the drain like this for this man who didn’t even have shit. Let alone have her first child by him with his record I am so sad for her. They already talk so much shit about him I’m surprised she showed him when she did. Thought we would only get paparazzi pics. I wouldn’t care if she just said I wanted to be a mom and I was desperate just plz leave him.

    1. I think you and the rest of the people in this comment section needs to mind y’all broke business and go touch grass

    2. To bad your opinion holds 0 weight for the petty’s and get a life. That’s her husband zoo ain’t going no damn where it’s called following your heart it’s called soul mates what GOD bring together can’t no man break apart. Where is GEE husband at?

  3. Man, WTF is wrong with Nicki? This man wasn’t the route to go. Bless the baby and all, as they’re amazing and don’t ask to be here. But damn. At this point, he might have been some kind of industry plant sent to put the nail in the coffin. I just don’t like this at all.

    1. My thoughts exactly. It makes me so sad. All because she wants to prove ppl wrong or act like no one can tell her what to do. Ruined whatever career she had left for this man

  4. Jayda is stupid
    Why is khlomadiya trying to get a surrogate Tristan ain’t gonna marry her
    So the rappers got fake jewelry 😂

  5. Damn DaBaby is too fertile! He must be tryna beat Future and Fetty. These rappers gone be mad as hell when they realize they shit fake.

  6. Nicki made a mistake marrying kenny. She would’ve been better off dating him in secret and acting single in public. Or even having a PR relationship. Idk it just seems dumb to throw away everything u worked for, for a nigga. It just wasn’t a good move. She still has the barbs so she’ll be ok as long as she makes music but still.

    Danileigh, meme, and jayda are all stupid.

    Khloe is also stupid and she needs to stop with the face fillers omg she looks like a monster.

    Cardi “accomplishment’ is fake as per usual. Most likely from bot streams and payola play. Cuz nobody damn sure buying her music.

  7. Lol anything to throw nicki name in something I will be the first to come back on here and laugh at you. Since you bought up cardi of course you were going to bring up nicki. I guarantee if you didn’t bring up cardi you wouldn’t be saying this

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