May 16, 2022

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24 thoughts on “Spilling Sugar On Everybody Sundays

  1. Yeah Rih & ASAP are done. Unless there’s pics or video of the two of them like they last were in January, I’m going to go w/this being a wrap. Doesn’t make sense to go through all of this, finally announce your relationship then go private. There would be nothing to hide or keep a secret anymore. Why would he be leaving NYC via JFK as Rih is being spotted in NYC as she is having a girls night? 👀. Why would he be spending time w/an ex if he’s w/Riri?

    Is Jay having money issues? Why is he selling all of his companies? Sounds like he needs the liquid to keep up the lifestyle. He’s the main one talking about black ownership but then sells once again to yt ppl who will continue to build generational wealth

    I don’t get Jay. It’s okay for him to cheat, have @ least one alleged outside, uses B to sleep w/men to close deals, but she can’t be alone w/Usher? After all these years? REALLY?

    What is the BRF’s obsession w/Meghan Markle? There was like 130 articles in 24h written as soon as more details about Oprah’s interview trailer came out. I hope she & her family’s protected w/maximum security bc this is insane

    MBJ & Lauren Londen eh? Interesting. There’s no way I could be an actor. I mean the amount of eye candy you’re around on a regular basis while trying to maintain a real relationship or marriage? Especially if you have chemistry with them? Issa no for me but more power to them

    1. Because he probably wasn’t spending time with an ex cause that’s just fans running their mouth to cause issues. How are you gonna accuse him of sneaking around with the chick from the sextape and not get any type of evidence? It would be a trending story if he cheated on Rihanna and every blog would take it and post it.

      And he was probably leaving NYC to go all star weeknd with metro boomin. I mean he did repost his announcement in his story weeks ago…..

    1. Megan surprises me is she ok now that she’s not in London with the witch?
      Lauren doesn’t fool me just wanted clout after nipsey died

  2. Asap was seen returning to NY not leaving. Unless I misunderstood the Dailymail article. Its kinda of interesting they both called the paps on the same day. I think they still together. Some dude from Big Brother ran into Rih a few weeks ago and she told him that her and Rocky watch the show. As far as him not being with her on Valentines day is a whole different story. What about her birthday was he with her? And her brother followed him two days after her birthday. He deleted his two posts and his IG is private.

    1. Him being with her on her birthday has been a big debate for the past few weeks lol Whisper Report says they got word he did fly over for her birthday but Heaven Hollywood doesn’t believe so and that’s why he thinks they broke up. G hasn’t really spoke on it but she put on hot takes around V-Day that they was in separate places but it wasn’t due to issues. I’m not sure who got word about him allegedly being spotted with someone else now on V-Day, idk if it was G or if it was Heav and he gave G the info and she just posted it.

    2. You don’t go through TSA screening if you’re returning somewhere only if you’re leaving

      If you’re referencing the DM article it was clickbait to make it seem as though there was a reunion but if you look @ the airport pics it’s clearly ASAP leaving out of JFK to go wherever he was intending to go

  3. I knew it! Lauren is full of caca. People in LA been saying that her and Nipsey weren’t together for a cool minute before he passed. She been popping her p- for years and she’s approaching 40. Get it together Lauren!

  4. I don’t think ASAP was with Rih for V-Day because around that time a chick on Twitter was saying he was havin a shoot in LA, and we know he’s been working on an album so that ain’t far fetched.

    Only one person was trying to say he was with another chick for V-Day and then said he was there for the other girl’s B-Day but missed both days with Rihanna cause he ain’t wanna get Rihanna anything for the holiday lol so he missed the days with Rih so he ain’t gotta get her something but apparently spent it with another chick and still has to get the other chick gifts rofl childish ass theory.

    After Rih birthday her brother followed Rocky when he didn’t even follow him after he was out there for Christmas, fans spotted them out in NY, and some guy from the show Big Brother apparently ran into them too or at least Rih who said they watch the show together.

    All in all just like people are looking for proof that they are still together, they should be also looking for the proof that he stepping out with other chicks versus just taking it as law. Cause the way fans are still bothered by them I don’t see how anybody can see him with another female and not rush to take a picture or show some type of receipt. If words is all it takes, then don’t get upset when someone just simply says yes they still together.

  5. So I’m confused. The article is saying that JayZ had Giselle sleep with Michael to achieve what exactly?

  6. Why is Jay Z selling and liquidating companies? I could see may be one, but anything more is strange. What’s going with those 2 🤔.

    Well Michael B. Jordan didn’t stop until he found the right one lol. If at 1st you fail try and try again 🤣.

    Lauren needs to stop fronting. It’s been 2 years(or about to be) just come on out with your NEW dude, sis lol.

    Janice Dickinson is a utter and complete mess.

    If it is alleged that Rocky was with the chic from the sex tape while Rhianna was in Barbados, then everything isn’t “ok” in Rhisap land. I am sure the two are still together, but he not being there for Valentine’s or her birthday is red flags for a new relationship. I get there are schedules, but don’t these people brag about how they can move their schedule around unlike us regular 9-5ers. Rhianna’s birthday been on the 20th since birth 🤣. I am sure he could have scheduled his work for the week before or after to be with his woman. The same way he did for Christmas 😏.

  7. Side note: I truly hope and pray y’all not getting your exclusives and sources from that Ashley Miracle/Tea is company page on YouTube? She literally repeats Whisper Report information and has even repeated some of y’all tea and tried to pass it off as her own or passed it off as a “reading from spirit” cause she’s tarot reading blogger now lol . I just happened to notice that she did an “update” on Rih & ASAP 5 days ago and is claiming the same things y’all said today. Hope it’s just a coincidence cause if not she leading y’all down the wrong path.

  8. Lauren probably wants to move on publicly but she’s scared of the backlash she’ll receive so she has to put on a front to the world. She’s very private ofc even when he was alive so even if she is seeing someone the only way it’ll be spilled to the public is if it comes from her or y’all ofc cause y’all got the inside.

  9. So was Nip w Karen or no? Some of the things she says makes me feel they have been more than just friends! Are Karen & Lauren friends for real?

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