May 16, 2022

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25 thoughts on “Hot Takes 3/6/2021

    1. Drake new album Certified Lover Boy

      And with all this back to back sabotage the game been doing to Rih with snatching her brand, petty lawsuits, beef with the Muslim community a few times, the India tweet that had them trying to place a warrant on her etc. He know how the game works so he probably peep all the bullshit.

    1. Why is jayda going back to the cheater nvm
      Kevin federline is a douche bag
      Why are they doing this to britney?

  1. Jayda is foolish

    I knew it was The Lexus Chick that was still around. People was telling the deumoxi blog they saw him boo’d up with her during the super bowl at least that’s who I think he was with by the description lol

    Drake probably see all the elite sabotage going on with Rih since they trying to get revenge on her for being defiant while with the billionaire.

    I heard Britney crooked father assaulted her son after he made it known he dont fuck with him and was a snake and K-Fed had to get a restraining order so the dad can’t come near him again.

  2. Oh haha! I thought CLB was a new drug? I’m so out of the loop since I don’t have social media anymore 😂

  3. B is only loyal to B. If there’s bad juju still appearing w/Megan, she’s not going to perform w/her

    FreeBritney & Britney’s sons. Who is there really for Britney?

    So ASAP & Riri must be over? She’s been in Barbados all this time & no sign of ASAP since January. He wasn’t in Barbados for her birthday or Valentines Day.

    Drake & Riri for business reasons should remain cool bc they make magic together. But personally should never be involved again.

    I wonder how this Nicki/Drake record will happened considering this surviving Kenneth Petty stuff going on?

    1. There’s no such thing as surviving the petty’s it’s made up by people that are mad because onika is a very strong woman and y’all can’t break her. It’s all lies with 0 proof

  4. Jayda whole vibe changed after the break up with baby. She doesn’t seem like the jayda everyone loves.

  5. That’s so sad what happened to Britney’s son but I thought that man was near death? When he gets older I hope he writes a tell all & stomp his grandfather out!!

  6. I’m glad Nicki people are about to release a statement. I was getting tired of seeing pose about her. I think it’s some BS that everything is falling on her. People were on Twitter putting her in the same group as Gislaine Maxwell & Tiny. I was blown by that, just horrible. And so patience and Cardi broke up forreal? I thought it was another or stunt because OMG that’s all they do! Cardi don’t see people are getting tired of the rants? Well if patience spill I hope she spill on herself and how she was helping to orchestrate BS against Nicki too so more of the truth will be out. Jada seem like she really focusing on herself right now. I don’t see them getting back together publicly soon.

  7. If Drake can get his shit together he could have rihanna…da baby is a hoe, he’s new to the game so expecting him to settle down is foolish.

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