May 16, 2022

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18 thoughts on “Sugar Bullets: The Jendashians (Part 1) Kris Jenner

  1. And I read somewhere long time ago.. Todd could possibly be Kendall’s dad bc she was still having the affair with Todd.. Chile Kris n Drake oh my… I believe that Alexander guy that did Kris’s hair back in the day is Khloes dad. Why was Rob sr. Okay with Kris f’n his best friend OJ?

    1. Because Rob Sr. Was fuckin and falling in love with Nicole Brown Simpson. They used to couple swap.

  2. I love Drake but he such a man whore lol.

    This doesn’t surprise me, I believe she does witchcraft.

  3. lmbooo this was so funny to read. aside from Kris and her shenanigans. I wonder what Corey has to say about Kim’s sudden death..

  4. I’m surprised these men have not come out and demand DNA test for a couple of her children.

    Kris was living her best hoe life.

  5. Khloe is definitely the daughter of businessman Alex Roldan. If you search it, her old face is EXACTLY like his face. OJ kids have had to deal with enough. The should be spared connection to that nasty, evil, family being added to their family tree.

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