May 16, 2022

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10 thoughts on “The Industry Makes You Get Surgery Cardi B Says ” Men Didn’t Like Me until I was Able to Fix myself”

  1. I’m not against plastic surgery when it’s tastefully done and for the right reasons. I wish the more natural bodied women would get more support from not only the industry but the consumers. WE as the consumers have to be more mindful about who we support. I don’t mind getting beauty and makeup from Rihanna because she looks like herself, I wouldn’t want tips from Kim K because her face comes from a surgeon.

    1. I’m sorry but what’s gonna happen when she changes herself to look like the women he cheats with and he still cheats? All that will have been for nothing she’s so young too sad what a piece of shit man can do to a woman’s self esteem.

  2. So Cardi’s husband makes her feel insecure with his cheating choices, Ayesha felt insecure because of her own mindset, and Nicole went through the Ageism insecurity that a lot of women who reach a certain age go through. All things that women experience, and some out of their control. Sad thing really.

  3. This is soo sad. How can you want to look like another women who also has had plastic surgery. Hell that women don’t look like her damn self. Society also make it hard for these celebs because social media is full of opinionated obsessed weirdos.

    1. If you referring to Nicki and cardi, Nicki never got plastic surgery on her face. She got her ass done tho.

  4. London Greenwade is the Kim/Cardi/Nicki blueprint, she is Offset’s ex he told Cardi’s DJ Ray G crying that’s he wanted back while with Cardi, not no shade to Nicki but (hey writer) Quavo much? Once London met Kanye, they didn’t hit it off immediately, but he obviously had an impact because London’s white friend Amber called Rob to tell Kim that London was going to get Kanye because she was always talking about how much she wanted to marry him, Kim divorced Kris H. and then they were married shortly thereafter. London said she found out because she saw AP’s texts and AP witnessed London manifest and bag 50 who she crushed on in high school a week after she said it. And everyone knows that she was a muse for many, including Lil Wayne, this entire write up speaks volumes about London more than anyone else in this write up really. They’re working together to hide their hatred for her by trolling her then pretending she is crazy. Everyone knows London is far from it and that they hacked her email and phone among other things. She’s the real superstar everyone is missing and being a women in business, never signed and still running the game and doing it all oppressed. Yeah, receipts don’t lie.

  5. This is actually really sad. I don’t even like Cardi, but this is the equivalent to body dysmorphia. I’m talking about her cuz of the cheating. She thinks getting surgery will stop the cheating and boost her confidence, in a similar way that an bulimic person would think throwing up makes them feel good about themselves and fixes their problems…she needs to get away from offset, fast!

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