May 16, 2022

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14 thoughts on “Quick Hits Chris Brown and Saweetie

  1. It seems like that’s what Quavo wants to do. He an energy vampire type and has been known to be very messy. Chris probably wants to smash cuz Saweetie is bad, because she’s also a terrible rapper with the fake hood accent who is popular rn. People like her because she’s non-threatening and one of many and if that’s what works for her let her do the collab, Chris has outlived many artists he’s collabed with. Quavo is pending…. He should be happy with his past hits and classic record B&B. Be happy for your girl.

  2. I didn’t realize that Quavo and Chris had beef. I’m sure Chris just wants Saweetie, because she is a new “it” girl and a video with her will bring a ton of views and Chris & Saweetie rumors (Chris is not new to this game..he knows how to feed the gossip mill and bring publicity to himself or his music). It sure won’t be for listeners, because homegirl can’t rap for sh**. I guarantee, her part on the remix would be a few ad libs and enough words to say she was on it.

  3. I don’t know why but Saweetie has been annoying me. I think it’s because the fans hype her up so bad giving her extra attention based solely on looks because she’s horrible as an artist. Don’t get me wrong she’s a cute girl but that’s it. I hope she don’t allow Quavo corny ass to interfere with a possible hit record.

  4. Quavo probably right cause chris never forgets when someone crosses him so I’m sure he still lowkey tight that Quavo smashed karrueche and they was supposed to be Boys.

    But Quavo you don’t trust your girl? Chris can’t do anything that Saweetie doesn’t allow lol and tbh if I was Saweetie I would still do the Collab cause that’s a bag and even more exposure.

    Let’s also not forget that Saweetie is the one with growing popularity, and Quavo is lowkey fading out right alongside him and the other migos. People starting to focus on him being Saweetie boyfriend than his music, same way how Offset is being viewed as Cardi Husband more than a rapper in his own right. Dont let him sabotage potential bags lol

  5. Chris just tryna be petty 😂 and she’s his type. I can’t believe he’s waste a feature on her because he actually thinks she’s talented.

  6. Yall forgot that Quavo had a fling with Karrueche…hence the beef. Chris definitely wants payback. lol

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