May 16, 2022

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8 thoughts on “Hot Takes 2/25/2021

  1. You can tell a lot of the barbz are young as fuck because when Claudia was explaining the story it seemed like she was on Nicki‘s side. So unless they are coming at her for mentioning meeks name with nickis still, I don’t see why they are mad.

    1. Claudia is fucking lying. The barbs weren’t even thinking about her this time around because they know she just runs her mouth & the issue with what she said was that Nicki was the greatest female rapper of all time, at the time. People were in comments on the blogs saying she still is. A lot of people not just barbs. That woman keeps getting attention off of mentioning Nickis name

      1. She probably got paid off by Atlantic…i noticed alot of blogs giving nicki underhanded in megans interview they called Nicki her “sidekick” for HGS, but called cardi her”partner” for WAP….and cardi new song is just terrible

  2. This Gaga situation is getting downplayed. Who shoots dog walkers?! It’s LA and no cameras were around? It’s not adding up to me

    1. That’s what I’m thinking. At first i thought it was just one dog that was missing but then i seen the post that the walker been shot and side eyed that.

  3. That ass drop was unreal 🥴
    Why is crystal speaking in that lady tubes 🙄 50 11 years later??
    Well of course not if he’s no longer the creative director of your life you can dress like whom ever u choose… duh
    Why Emma funny looking a quitting? Can she quit or did the elites fire her and she beating them to the punch? 🤔

  4. I am glad Gaga’s dog walker pulled through. Apparently French bulldogs are the next hot thing to steal. There have been other regular people who have been hijacked. Plus they belonged to Lady Gaga, double whammy.

    Emma said she is tired of the industry and it’s bull💩.

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