May 16, 2022

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13 thoughts on “The Truth Behind The Remake Of Annie

  1. It’s great that they made money but I kind of understand what that white man meant… I wouldn’t like it if they recreated Boyz in the Hood. F**k Annie. The creativity of black people has stood the test of time. Our “arts” are admired worldwide and people often try to duplicate us. I kind of find it “beneath” us to do the same 🤷🏾. Just my opinion.

  2. Wow. I didn’t know this. I will say tho that black people are so talented we don’t need to recreate white films and plays. We can make our own stories.

  3. That white man is crazy making those comments. White ppl have stolen music, inventions and ideas for years. But it can’t happen to them once a blue moon. Whatever. He used Boyz in the Hood and should have used Living Single & Friends. Why do black ppl have to be comfortable watching white ppl live out their dreams?

  4. The movie was originally supposed to happen right after Karate kid but Willow didn’t want to star in it. I remember watch Oprah I think, At the time I didn’t understand why there was panic and they cut Jaden off and rushed to commercial when he was talking about WHY Willow didn’t want to play the role. He said, she didn’t want to play in the movie because after he told her what it was like. With all the meetings he had with all these men. Jaden said, Willow then asked Will and Jada…”Can I just be a regular kid? I don’t want to be an actress I just want to be a regular kid.” At the time I thought she was afraid of the limelight. Now I know she was afraid of the elites.

  5. I just think a lot of movies don’t need remakes and shows don’t need reboots either. No matter the race.

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