July 6, 2022

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25 thoughts on “Hot Takes 2/22/2021

    1. I think why’re referring to dutchess’ mom, dutchess dad is cheating on her mom. The mom posted about it last week I think

  1. The LVMH deal is Jay selling 50% share of Ace of Spades. Nothing to do w/Rih other than him following the same companies after her once she is successful w/them

    The Carters are having money issues that’s why Jay is selling all this stock from multiple companies this year & B literally has her ass out for athleisure wear in the middle of winter trying to sell her 4th clothing line where it’s upwards of $900 or more in a pandemic where millions are still out of work & struggling & they double & triple charge you for whatever you purchased & also there’s no refunds or exchanges but more smoke & mirrors of all these celebs filming their ice boxes

    B needs to leave the fashion to the professionals bc she’s going out sad. I know she’s missing that tour money but there’s so many more ventures she could be doing instead of copying off of what Rihanna is doing. Fashion & cosmetics are not B’s lane

    The video of Tracee trolling IP in that plastic coat was hilarious to me bc that’s literally what the entire line is: overpriced plastic

    All these celebs hopped on the bandwagon when they saw the sales figures for Kylie & Rihanna’s businesses & thought they could replicate their success & are now in desperation mode before they all get shutdown.

    The line is haulted bc Rih isn’t there in London to run it like she’s been running FB, FS & SF. Also, they’re developing the athleisure line & working on all her lines getting into stores. I think once they rebrand the fashion house fashions, they’ll be fine bc the shoes & accessories weren’t the issue. Just some of the fashions weren’t like Puma that were versatile, they all were things Rih could pull off but not most of the general public

    I love that Jay keeps partnering w/the same ppl Rih does a few years later after Riri puts them on the map. Jay signed w/Puma after Riri. Jay invested in Savage ONCE it became successful. & now this LVMH deal that Riri already had. Jay literally is just piggy backing off of whatever Rih is doing @ this point & it’s hilarious to me.

  2. Apryl tacky ass would do that shit

    These white people still so pressed over Janet, they needa get over it

    What Vanessa experienced was definitely not colorism loool please

    Demi def went through it dealing with them disney pedos, poor woman

  3. Wow. G. Just got kicked out of heaven Hollywood live. People can’t take other’s advice or criticism. He was yelling in live and I’m like. Your yelling. Y, and he in his car by himself. Sensitive. We the people can’t suggest something. I mean we watching. Anywho I love all the info and I support. Just stayed something that I guess he was passion about and felt the need to yell.

    1. I stopped following him for a while now ! He’s too over the top.and I just don’t get a vibe from him anymore.!

  4. B and fashion doesn’t mix. Rose McG been through it. Did you guys see the long letter Ms. Tina wrote regarding Jay? Meg needs the slow down.

    1. OMG that letter was cringeworthy

      Imagine writing a letter like that to a man who has continuously cheated, disrespected & has allegedly @ least one side kid out there & she’s hyping this man up like he’s this wonderful man for her daughter

      She literally has raised her daughter to have no self esteem, no self-worth & that staying in a dysfunctional marriage so the kids see two parents w/a multitude of issues in the same household

      I don’t get Tina @ all

      1. I don’t like her. I feel like she’s a bug reason bey stayed. I’m about to go read the letter niw.

      2. I don’t understand her purpose of talking about comments talking about jay, like why you even looking for haters?! Idk she’s weird and I can’t stand her.

  5. Why did black Twitter go offer on meg abs Giselle. Do you have any tea if teal
    Housewives? Who slept with the stripper bolo? What is nene. Real issue with bravo? Did Monique quit? Did she sleep with the trainer?

    1. I saw on IG that Sheree’s little jail boo Tyrone got released early and is currently in a halfway house. Somebody might be trying to get their peach back lol

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