May 22, 2022

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7 thoughts on “Hot Takes 2/19/2021

  1. G, can you please link that crazy lady IG? I do not believe her she’s obsessed with Drake, and needs to seek help. If this were true shit would have blown up already. No one is staying silent on Drake. The industry has been trying to take him down for years now.

    1. I had came across her page and me and my sister lurked on her and it seems true. She was a bit crusty at first if you go down all her pics and then out of nowhere she’s super glammed up and living in a nice house. So who knows but it seems psychotic but true. I’m gonna see if I can find her page. I thought she was crazy too.

  2. That’s the same way I feel about City Girl’s dropping a new album 🤣🤣🤣.

    I went and checked out that lady’s page. The one claiming to be Drake’s wife lol. On a serious note, the woman is unstable. In her stories she is claiming to be currently pregnant for Drake & we know how his “secret pregnancies” go. Seems like she claims this is their “2nd child” She takes his stories and repost. She talks out her head. VERY different from the run of the mill fan page. I went to see the day she posted those pictures and she took them down. All she had up was a vague message about hurting kids. I mean if it was real like she claimed why not keep it up. If this was coming from any other instathot I might would see the possibility. But I really think the woman is mentally unstable. But anywho, I don’t know if Drake really messed with this woman or not. But she is definitely giving stalker vibes. He needs to watch her. Hopefully by you reaching out for clarification, if they didn’t know, they will know now and watch out.

    1. Les Moonves was an exec at CBS when the whole nipple Super Bowl happened and he essentially black balled Janet. I believe G had a story about it sometime last year.

  3. Been heard Dustin Diamond was a racist years ago.

    Meg need to sit down. Ghislain need to spill all the beans!

    Janet needs to go to Haiti and get that juju off her.

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