August 18, 2022

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8 thoughts on “Blind Sugar Reveals From 1/22

  1. It would be hypocritical of trump supporters to attack Melania cause the last 4 years all they could do was talk about how much classier she was then Michelle simply because she’s white. They always rushed to defend her sugar baby/prostitute past but let her hit him with those papers, they bringing all that shit backup.

  2. Once Katy perry leaves Universal, everything will be fine with her. Spotify blacklisted her, because she released music on itunes(Apple) first before spotify.

  3. I still fw Katy lol the music industry is so petty, it’s hilarious that Nicki DEBUTED #1 with Trolls of all songs🤣 and she’s still charting to this day, they really tried to blackball her an failed lmaooooo

  4. Come to think of it Katy has fallen off, because at one point all the white blogs were posting her on a regular. The music industry real shady and full of two faced people. I notice certain “friends” she had before don’t hang with her now.

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