May 16, 2022

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21 thoughts on “Quick Hits Beyonce & Rihanna

  1. I still think rih going through humiliation rituals right now. How we go from talking about her fashion brand being paused to talking about her lingerie line being worth a billion? She’s getting dragged for being insensitive toward the Hindu religion right now so I’m waiting to see if something else positive happens or if that was a mistake she made on her own accord.

  2. When Riri’s athelisure line comes out, it will put IP out of business. Riri has a good eye for fashion, makeup & skincare

    Riri’s fashion house is on pause bc Riri was too busy w/Fenty Skin, Fenty Beauty & Savage & the person she put in charge in London didn’t do a good job. The shoes & accessories were a hit but they have to revamp the fashion & Riri didn’t have the time bc she was spread too thin. It will be back

    W/the success of Savage Fenty & Riri wanting to bring back her athliesure wear through her own company this time is going to hit the jackpot

    All these celebs are just doing these projects now as vanity projects bc they see how much Riri is making but their products aren’t as good bc they aren’t involved like Riri is

    I only see Adidas working w/B for another year or 2 why haven’t sales figures been released? It’s been over a year

    Yeah the PR packages to other celebs are interesting, but the actual product, I don’t know anyone in real life that wears it

    & the tennis shoes look like Riri’s trainers from her Puma line several years ago

    Riri’s post yesterday for one pic, is more than all of B’s 20 posts about IP

    This is what the 3rd or 4th clothing line for B? This new line of Alien & T-Rex coats I just can’t take seriously

    I’ll be glad when this is over

  3. See I always said Rihanna settled down on music because of the money she make with HER brands and businesses. Beyoncé however I love B, she just already had her time to shine. I personally think Blue ivy did better than her with the photoshoot and production. No I’m not hating and think both or cool it’s just Rihanna transitioned better she took the bad girl image and capitalize on it from face to fashion. Beyoncé as I stated had her time, I think she just got comfortable being Jay’s wife, until competition got real and now she wants to branch out. I mean what happened to Dereon jeans she could have took that far, I mean a black owned jean company. I think she better trying to revive that, because I honestly never understand the Ivy Park hype other than the big ass pr boxes she was sending out. Sorry but go back to bday bey and stay in that lane

  4. Beyoncé is already a billionaire I knew that since 2017, when her father said it in that interview. It makes since because the last official update to Forbes by her team was 2013 or 2014 and she was worth 400million then. Forbes has been reporting old income because she hasn’t updated since then. She’s very competitive so she’ll get her ivy park millions and update her net worth to match Rihanna’s .

    Rihanna’s company is worth a billion (and she only owns 15%) does she own anything? And I agree with a comment above me, she’s going through another humiliation ritual (she did a recent blood sacrifice with her cousin a few years ago)

    These celebs have to continue their rituals to keep their fame and wealth. They could go years without one but eventually Lucy comes knocking.

    1. This simply isn’t true.

      & what exactly are Giselle’s rituals?

      Rihanna owns @ least 50% of all her companies & is the 1st black woman to have a huge partnership & stake w/one of the largest fashion houses in the world

      It’s funny if it’s bad press about Riri she’s the sole owner of Fenty buy if it’s positive ppl try to diminish her ownership bc of jealousy

      Does Giselle own Adidas? Also her shoes are a low budget version of Rihanna’s shoes from 3 years ago

      Tracee made FUN of the foolishness that is of that rodent coat of B’s & that plastic scarf.

      Riri doesn’t have to do anything demonic for fans to buy her makeup, skin care line or lingerie lol. This LITERALLY is a case of these celebs seeing those articles of how much Riri is making & is throwing the kitchen sink w/these knock off lines that have OTT marketing but not that good of actual merch

      1. Beyoncé just sacrificed her cousin her sacrifice was due.

        Why are you upset because I said Rihanna only owns 15%? It’s true. That white man owns Fenty. Just because you idolize these celebrities won’t make their sacrifices and rituals go away.

  5. Healthy competition is fine but Beyoncé is so passive aggressive and thinks she has to beat at everybody at everything. I’m here to tell her she ain’t beating Rih when it comes to fashion! Her lingerie line looks so good I wish I could afford everything I see on the website that I like. Now don’t get me wrong Ivy Park got some nice stuff and I can tell Bey got extra surgery to make sure she was on point, but you can also tell she’s trying to hard 🤷🏾‍♀️

  6. Beyonce needs to adopt competing with Rihanna. At this point it’s just ego and greed. She has a husband making millions and she’s made her mark. She needs to just go sit down somewhere.

  7. If Beyonce would stop worrying about what everybody else has/does, & put that energy into her own projects. She would sky rocket. But she so busy competing that she misses marks on her own products. Because I am sorry, Ivy Park isn’t that great.

    1. You kno I asked my sister the other day .! Do you see Cardi b or Kim kardashian wearing any of the clothes Beyoncé gave them?!! Nope !..

  8. I hope Rihanna delusional fans don’t think she hasn’t done any sacrifices since she came into the game. Beyoncé fans too. Stop worshipping people who do nothing for you!

    How y’all got one foot in the devil’s playground and the other foot in Christianity or whatever your religion. Living double lives worshipping your idols smh.

  9. Listen. Bey will never do good fashion wise. This is dating back to the house of deron. BeY has absolutely NO fashion sense. She’s never been a trend setter and therefore she will always fail fashion wise. She need to pick something else. Like some dance routine videos or something.

    Rih on the other hand has always been a trend setter. She’s always been well put together and when she walks in a room. She got it. From cloths to hair and shoes. She’s always had it. So her transitioning from music to fashion and beauty was a natural progression.

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