October 1, 2022

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12 thoughts on “G Quick Hits

  1. It does sound like Saweetie is so pretty but I don’t care for her rapping. She’s a good model and her acting on grown-ish is pretty good. I wonder if Erica Banks is about to blow up 🤔

  2. What Music Videos has Saweetie done other than the Best Friends video with Doja? And their’s didn’t look anything like a cardi video to me. I was thinking Meg because she’s done more videos and her’s be colorful & choreographed just like Cardi’s.

  3. Def thinking Meg more than Saweetie. But Cardi probably don’t care for either of them. The industry doesn’t want women in the same category to be friends

  4. Yes, definitely Meg. And I believe the director is Colin T. Meg has used the same director for her 3 or 4 latest videos

    1. It’s definitely meg, she’s dating that Pardi guy, who’s also Cardi ghost writer. Plus after WAP both they music videos be looking similar. Saweetie videos with Doja and Jhene Aiko look nothing like Cardi…cuz they’re actually pretty good lol saweetie def getting better at this

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