July 1, 2022

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19 thoughts on “Hot Takes 2/17/2021

  1. Why are people saying Meg does cocaine and there hasn’t been any proof? Is this all because she was in the bathroom? Can someone fill me in because this isn’t enough evidence to accuse her of such strong drug use !?!?

  2. Nick Cannon is a mess! I’m seeing/hearing that his latest baby momma is a chick named Abby De La Rosa who is pregnant with twins. She’s a DJ or something. Cute girl tho. Nick also got Abby, Britney (the other girl who just had her 2nd kid by him) and LaNeshia the same type of balloons for Valentine’s Day just in different colors lololol

  3. Why is Toni reviving this fake relationship? She was supposed to go public with her real relationship by now what happened with that

  4. Fans immediately started to celebrate when they didn’t see anything from Rih or ASAP on Valentine’s Day but I figured they were fine. She would’ve unfollowed his ass if things went sour before V-Day and especially cause her birthday is coming up, yeah she would’ve definitely removed him & his crew from all follow lists lol Whisper Report says she hiding out in Barbados after that tweet? People tried to deny its true but hey you never know.

    Seems like Meg keeps getting with dudes who are looking out for her and then she fucks it up & the dude gets made to look like the bad guy and her as the victim. Some say Pardi was trying to see if she was fucked up off the cocaine & it went sour and folks dragging him. Didnt Tory say she used to cry on his shoulder about her mama? & look at how she doing him now. She’s the problem, period.

  5. Megan is lost and since she is lost she attracts lost people. That’s why she stays in drama and toxicity. She will continue to have issues until she decides to get right. If not, the self destruction will continue.

    Nick Cannon is a mess. He says he doesn’t believe in monogamy. But I believe when he gets with these women he says otherwise.

    Asap is still there. But I don’t know how you still trying to have a baby and you are in 2 different countries 🤷. The way the Elites are starting to come for Rhianna, a baby should be the last thing on her mind. You benefited Rhi, time to pay the devil his due.

    I said this before, JLO needs to exit stage left.

    Dre just wants to pick on Moniece. We know she talks a lot. But the reality is the blogs had already dropped the dinner pictures and word was already out that Apryl was a long time side chic. I am more than sure the wife already knew.

    Toni needs to exit stage left too, when it comes to birdman.

  6. I fell out laughing after the Birdman tea 😂. Toni baby what is you doin? What does he have on her? It must be some life or death shit cause I just don’t understand why Toni Michele legendary Braxton would waste her time with Lil Wayne “daddy.”

  7. Serious question…is Rihanna really in love with ASAP or does she just want a baby? Like she was soooo in love with the billionaire I can’t take this relationship serious. I love her, but I hope she not just trying to have a baby with the first available man age use to date that doesn’t already have kids of his own.

    1. I agree with you 100%. I think she’s with him because he has no kids and she wants to have children now… I do not believe for one second she’s in love with Rocky. She didn’t take any time to heal from Hassan. She was seen with Hassan on Oct 5 2019 at an Art Gallery and literally the following week she was at Drake’s bday parties and at Rolling Loud with Rocky. How do you jump from one dick to the next within weeks.

  8. It’s sad that y’all lying on Megan there is no proof of her using drugs! There was never any mention of cocaine they said she was using the bathroom. Pardi from what i was told thought she was in there talking to another nigga on the phone.

  9. If Rih is really allegedly hiding out in Barbados bc of a tweet she has no idea the wrath that’s coming her way if she proceeds to have a child w/ASAP Rocky whose old colorist & misogynist & disrespectful tweets about Rih keep resurfacing

    If she’s allegedly trying to get pregnant by ASAP, maybe it’s a sign it’s not meant to be w/him

    Rih’s a Pisces & is in love w/love & way too trusting (which is why she keeps getting screwed over by the same ppl) except for she can’t separate what’s real love versus an infatuation. She can’t separate whose really riding for her & who wants to ride her coattails & she’s over 30 now & should know better. Especially after all she’s been through.

    These rappers are never going to treat her like she deserves & to be a baby mama just to be one is not going to fulfill her

    If she’s really only w/ASAP bc she’s concerned about her body count & only wants to be involved w/someone she’s already slept w/its a completely ignorant philosophy to have. That has no bearing on how they treated you previously or currently or guarantees a happily ever after & doesn’t protect you from any STDs

    Some peeps have receipts of what ASAP is currently doing but that’s tea for another day

    I thought Rih was heading in the right direction staying away from these industry men who simply want to hook up w/as many women as possible & know that she could easily attract another good looking billionaire where their practices won’t be an issue or deterrent

    But if you want better for someone that doesn’t want it for themselves, they’ll have to see the writing on the wall when it’s exposed

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