July 4, 2022

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18 thoughts on “Was Nicki Minaj’s Father Her sacrifice ?

  1. I mean I was curious as soon as I heard it. Unfortunately, the industry makes me question EVERYTHING. If this has nothing to do with that, I wish her the best in her healing process.

    1. Yep that was the first thing that came to mind with me too. I also question everything because being on this blog has taught & shown me a lot so I’m always like “oh they were sacrificed or they doing rituals” my friends be like “here you go again” I’m like well it’s the truth!!!

  2. It’s not looking good. The doc is about to drop, isn’t it? And conveniently no one was able to see who hit him, so! It’s looking and feeling like that to me. Beyonce just did her’s as well with her cousin… It’s alot.

  3. Once I heard the details where it was a random hit and run with no witnesses or potential suspects my antenna’s went up. I immediately thought of how you have to be close with someone in order to sacrifice them and we all know she ain’t giving up her mom but I remember Nicki and her dad in that picture, it being said they were working on their relationship, and of course she just gave birth and I’m sure that helped them to become closer as well with him meeting his grandchild.

    People’s main argument against the sacrifice theory is the industry not fuckin with Nicki but you have to remember The MUSIC industry isn’t fuckin with Nicki or at least wasnt cause tbh people ain’t on Nicki case that much anymore like they used to be & have actually been kinda back in her favor a bit. She’s always still had good dealings with fashion, she could still go into TV/Movies, etc.

    If she did sacrifice her dad I don’t expect something huge in music I expect her to be branching into something else and it being successful. They probably went to her and said look you still have solid fans who keep you afloat and won’t turn on you so we are willing to negotiate you getting *this and that* and actually helping it be successful & not sabotaging it but you gotta give us something in return… so what’s it gonna be Ms.New Mom who has a family she needs to provide for? Smh we’ll have to see.

    1. That’s exactly what I thought too. You want a baby and a come back? They wanted something in return. I’m still upset with her about the convicted pedo she’s with. She could have any man or woman in the world….but settles for that. Smh. She doesn’t even look happy with him anymore.

  4. I was thinking that but I was also wondering could it have been people cursing her like she said people went to witch doctors to try and hurt her. Maybe they went for someone around her that isn’t “protected” anything is possible. But I wondered the same thing given they weren’t close. What if someone was sending her a message? Shit crazy

  5. They said “the baby or daddy…hurry!” 😂 she chose …. she bout to have some kind of tv deal I’m sure, and she owes cash money 1 or 2 more albums #StayWoke 👁

  6. It’s simple. Pay attention to any projects Nicki has coming out and if they are successful, welp you got your answer.

    1. so Nicki does not have successful albums, why don’t you people go and do your own scarifice too. this is so laughable, how people’s mind are twisted into this scarifice thing.

  7. She had to make another sacrifice because she’s pushing into her 40s and her rap career isn’t as popping as it was years ago. I can see them pushing her into fashion/film to gain more success there. Maybe 2 more albums. I agree with another post on here, it was either the hubby or dad (probably even the baby). I can see her saving her rapist baby daddy to give off this Ken and Barbie image. So not surprised it was her father, my condolences.

  8. It’s the beginning of the year so many celebrities are dying and family members of celebrities are dying. It’s sad and makes you wonder if it’s really their time or something far more evil.

  9. All we need is Kenny’s bum lying raping ass to get out the picture. I swear he is bringing down her brand! I’m hearing his case ain’t looking to good and will be heading back to prison! There’s a reason why he keeps switching attorneys, hmmm….

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