July 1, 2022

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19 thoughts on “Word Has It 2/13/2021

  1. Lisa needs to sit down somewhere. I don’t see a ring on her finger and her ex-husband was sleeping with a woman and man on the side. For some reason, she seems to hate on Halle. Misery loves comapny…

  2. LisaRaye shouldn’t laugh too hard cause she can’t keep a man either. You would think at her age she would know good pussy don’t keep a man. Neither does beauty, fame, or money.

  3. Let’s not act like these men could handle Halle. Most of them were on some BS & were jealous & intimidated by her beauty & success & cheated &/or abused her to feel some sort of worth

    Maybe Halle & D-Nice can happen now

    Lisa Rays needs to bequiet. Where’s her husband? & she’s one to talk who had no problem being the other woman in several situationships so her reputation is in the toilet more than anyone. What grown woman is obsessed w/who another woman is sleeping w/or whether or not her private area is good or smell good? If I didn’t know any better I’d say it’s Lisa that wants Halle & Halle turned her down bc she’s acting like someone who got rejected by her

  4. …. and after that Iyanla episode, she has some nerve to worry about someone else when she needs to focus on her own issues. There must be something else, probably a guy who wanted Halle and not her… she too focused on a woman who definitely isn’t worried about her😒 and I don’t care how superficially pretty she is, she is VERY ugly💯

  5. Lord, I love Halle but something is off. She constantly posted that man on IG and he never posted her with the same frequency. Halle is a stunning woman but even I have to pause that she can’t seem to stay in a relationship for long. It may be that the men are trash but she keeps picking them.

  6. Lisa Raye will never have any room to talk about the next woman to me cause she’s had men leave her for other women *and men* too. Plus she’s also been the side chick on more than one occasion and never got picked. Halle must’ve snatched her man before and that’s why she so quick to shade.

  7. Lisa Raye is a bitter hateful woman. The nerve of her to talk trash about Halle when she too can’t keep a man. She needs to shut her mouth and worry about her own sad situation.

  8. Lisa Raye is a bitter Betty according to her mom & daughter so 🤷🏾‍♀️. She purposefully does “stuff,” no sympathy coming from over here for her period.

  9. But Halle posted a pic with her man boo up in the matching pjs on Valentine’s Day. Meanwhile Lisa is sitting on a dry coochie being a hater smh

  10. Lisa Raye really needs to take several seats. She is sounding really bitter and like its just trolling now. Its clear she has a personal problem with Halle…did they have a fling in the past or something? Because Lisa is acting hurt like someone who’s been dumped or cheated on now..

  11. Lisa isnt even on Halles wavelength. She can take shots at Halle but Halle going win the war. She should mind her damn business and try to get a guy to dream about her sometimes. Ughhh

  12. Halle’s ex mustve had some damaging evidence to gain sole custody and have Halle paying 16k a month in child support…ijs

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