July 6, 2022

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8 thoughts on “Hot Takes 2/13/2021

  1. Game runs his mouth too much. I doubt Kim was better though. G was right, people are starting to turn their backs on Justin, and I love to see it. Halle is paying too much and I would feel the same way if the roles were reversed.

  2. It was the “even though nobody asked for me” 🤣🤣🤣 I hate men who reveal their sexcapades in hopes that ppl especially other men will slut shame the woman or give them dap for pulling that woman. Like you’re a grown man relax. Men really talk more than women these days.

  3. I’m definitely here for the people turning on culture vulture JT and they better not fall for that fake ass apology. If Kim and Kanye have secrets against each other maybe they’ll come to an amicable agreement.

  4. I watched chyna’s show it’s so boring and all she does is yell is she crazy?
    And what secrets does Kim know Kanye being bisexual?

  5. Justin deserves everything coming his way. He is such a douche

    Anyone who claims Kim K is/was great in bed must be using really hard drugs because Kim is a lousy lay lol…

    1. The brother of the lead singer was stabbed. Ideal was made up of two brothers, their cousin, & a friend. The one who was kinda milk chocolate, & bald, is the one who was murdered. His brother is the light skinned one who wore the hat, who kinda sounded like Dino from H-Town. They’re from Texas as well.

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