July 6, 2022

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13 thoughts on “Sugar Cubes : Kim’s Family especially Kris Jenner Convinced her To Finally End it With Kanye

  1. This divorce gone make everyone rethink everything they thought about Kimye. It’s gone be worse than Dre n them divorce. I feel like it’s going to ruin of them. Kanye yah not stupid that’s why he admitted he wanted a divorce first, I bet Kim gone want to keep the divorce process secret that’s why she haven’t filed yet, it stuff she don’t want getting out about her. Remember her and Chris divorce was ruthless this gone get bad, people will get her and reputations will be ruined. I hope kids are safe at the end of the day they both got to be there for them.

  2. I would prefer the kids with him to her family. But these celebrities be expecting us to feel sorry and care. Nah, you sold your soul and signed up for this.

  3. He’s just not realizing the family is trying to initiate North? They’ve been advertising that poor child since she was a baby. She been groomed since the womb.

    1. Exactly! Idk what he expected their first child was going to be groomed regardless. Having a daughter sealed it.

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