July 1, 2022

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15 thoughts on “Hot Takes 02/09/2021

  1. This is the second time H.E.R. has been hit with a lawsuits for her music sampling. But everyone in th industry does it. So 🤷🏾‍♀️… She’s talented and I love her music.

    We knew Meg was Bi sexual. That’s nothing new. It may get exposed and she could potentially come out and say she’s bisexual. I wouldn’t be surprised.

    J Lo can do better. I’m not sure why she keeps attracting these simps…

    I want to know if Danileigh still have a career? Will people mess with her again once this drama goes away? We all know everyone have the attention span of a fruit fly. Something tells me she will get past it, but I could be wrong.

    DaBaby… No words.

  2. At this point it’s quite obvious that Cardi‘s numbers are manipulated. 😂 they’re making sure that girl isn’t fading into irrelevancy anytime soon. She’s starting to look like that cat-face lady.

    That entire da baby and Dani mess was annoying as fuck. She was acting like a pick me.

    HER has giving me some weird vibes from the very beginning. Not surprised.

    We all know Academiks not lying. 👀

    1. She really is face snatched and stretched for the gawds, fillers, and a botched nose job. These young girls getting all this wrk done so young and it’s making them look worse.

  3. Women will get mad at everybody but the trifling ass nigga they still stay with after it’s all said and done yawn 🥱🥱🥱🥱

  4. What’s up with cardi face? Are y’all gonna talk about that or is she off limits ? Is the industry making her get all these surgeries? She 100% has messed with her face and it seems like she tryna look like Nicki. Can we get some insight on this?????

  5. Cardi needs to drop Offcheat. It will solve a huge chunk of her problems. Because if that’s how she is moving, she won’t be speaking to a huge portion of the female population.

    Danileigh just needs to shut up. She chased behind a man who never truly wanted her. Because if be did he wouldn’t have been bounced between multiple women. She gets up there listening to his trash azz and fumbles HER bag. How dumb can you be. Only for said trash man to LEAVE her. Dani is such a simp.

    Hmm hardly H. E. R. getting in trouble. But I figured she might get some heat with the sample for damaged.

    Meg said she needs a break from dudes right now 🤣. But not surprised. We been said she was bisexual.

    JLO just needs to give it up. Let AROD go and move on.

    Akademiks isn’t saying anything new. We been knew that. But which exec did he slob on the knob for to get that position? Because we know it isn’t just the artists forced to turn tricks.

    I hope Vanessa and Natalia are prepared for what’s about to come their way.

  6. Vanessa what were you thinking
    Certain rapper’s I wonder if one of them is blueface and the other is the game or 50 cent
    Kandi I’m not surprised she gets down with everybody
    Jlo and ARod is a joke
    Meg likes fish that’s her problem

  7. Natalia is shaped funny and is pudgy. She needs to go to school and stay low. Danileigh just couldn’t understand why being a yellow bone didn’t work for her over the brown girl. It drove her crazy. And she’s fizzling out…

  8. The new Cardi song sucks. All that waiting for THAT?

    I see Meg with a stud..Kehlani may try to get another bite

    Didn’t see modeling for the Bryant girl. Is college out of the question? Industry isn’t for everybody. Look at Refrigerator..

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