October 3, 2022

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19 thoughts on “Heaven Knows Everything

  1. Ari needs to just sit down somewhere i knew It had to be something because his bm always be throwing shots at Ari. But his bm had a baby recently..,hmmmm

    Saweetie is so pretty to me…she’s a bad one! Seems like nobody like Cardi smh cause offset Done pounced on everybody 🤦🏽‍♀️

    TI & Tiny lord have mercy i just don’t look at them the same

    Poor Brittany & what rapper contacting Kasey ass?? Who is ms.Jones??

  2. Aww, this was great Heaven! It’s dead wrong what they are doing the Britney. The doc was good. I didn’t remember how they slut shamed her and how people were so invested in her virginity. What the fuck? That was disgusting and very inappropriate. And Justin is very much an asshole and needs his ass beat. He acts like a bitch. I hope she is one day able to get from under that bullshit ass conservatorship. I think she needs ongoing mental support but that is not the answer. How does the court say she’s crazy but she has enough sense to have all these people in her payroll living off of her money?

    1. I remembered all they did to Britney in my teen days. Those Boy bands and Teeny boppers were on top back then and Britney was in a league of her own. They were obsessed with whether or not she was a virgin or if she had boob implants etc. Her mistake was ever answering the virgin question. I used to love JT but now that his true character is being put out there more, it’s making me disgusted by him. I didn’t really choose a side at the time of their breakup but I kinda believed the narratives he had put out to the media or on his songs ex “Cry me a river”at the time. The media frenzy surrounding her life was traumatic enough. I will never forget when she almost dropped her baby on the ground while trying to walk through these paparazzis. I feel so bad for her and wish she gets the mental support and help needed before it’s too late.

  3. I knew it was always something shady about Jamie!! I couldn’t watch my sister go thru that. She’d be a dead woman if she attacked my child

  4. I’m not surprised about Cardi and Saweetie but Cardi needs to have that energy with her man not the females.
    I feel so sorry for Britney. I use to love JT but once I saw how unhappy his wife looked I knew he was no good. I hope they all pay for what they did to her!
    Weeknd needed a guest that performance felt like it was missing something. He def looks different too

  5. Well a lot of people was saying The Weeknd super bowl performance was Boring so maybe he should’ve put his pride aside.

    Of course saweetie and cardi issues stem from that cheating ass clown she married to smfh if it ain’t one way it’s another.

    Good on Kevin Federline for protecting his son against that disturbed sick pedophile he has to call a grandfather but K-Fed still a snake himself for only knocking Britney up for the money.

  6. Brit is one of the nicest & sweetest yt celebs. It’s disgusting what this industry & everyone in her life has taken advantage of her

    Kevin is a moron & will be broke once Britney’s sons are 18 & realize their father is a scammer. He was all set too to go back to court & ask for more child support when Britney was supposed to do this new Vegas residency @ the MGM Grand but BS like this has consequences

    I hope something finally happens that saves Britney @ this point. All these years of making millions off of her, having her tour, do interviews & other things but still have her under this c-ship & claim she can’t function by herself & has too many mental issues.

    They leave out that creepy Sam Lufti brainwashing her w/bs during the custody battle saying she would never see her kids again which led to all this, the marriage w/Kevin ending when she realized she married a fraud & her nasty father using all the stress to capitalize & seize the opportunity to make himself & Kevin rich

    Justin Timberlake deserves everything he’s getting & more. Cultural appropriates off of everything black & exploits Britney & Janet to catapult his solo career. He still mentions Britney in interviews bc that’s his greatest accomplishment & he was always jealous of her

    He’s cheated on every woman he’s ever been involved w/yet somehow the women are always blamed. Britney & even the black woman in his new movie were all slut shamed when there’s receipts of him cheating all over the world & nothing happens

    I hope this is the nail in the coffin for Justin Timberlake. Jessica really did all that bashing of Britney & making fun of her lingerie line only for her to be irrelevant in her own career & to be treated horribly cheated on & has one of the worst marriages in Hollywood

  7. Ari you make cancer women look like Simps sis cause ain’t no MF WAY!!! I already tell myself to not deal w/ men w/ kids because of this 🤣

  8. I been known about TI and Tiny for Yeeeeears! They got in too deep. Ms Jooooones! Wow

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