May 16, 2022

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26 thoughts on “Blind Sugar 2/6/2021

  1. 1) ? The *sibling of the most famous celeb ever* hint makes me think of Janet jackson, so maybe it’s one of her man whore exes? Lol

    2) Chris Brown & Drake? The famous ex they both share being Rihanna?

    3) Cassie trying to find her way around Diddy smh poor thing.

    1. Gotta be right. The most famous celeb ever has to be Michael. And 2 is def Chris & drake. 3 is cassie for sure she knows what he did to Kim.

    1. I thought about Jermaine Dupri for the first once since he dated Janet but who is his now partner? No clue on the second one. Cassie is my guess for the last one

  2. “The sibling of the most famous human being to ever live”. Uhhh this ain’t Ray J or TI. Muhammad Ali, Michale Jordan, Michael Jackson level

    1. Ok the first one gotta be JT. Cause it doesn’t say he dated the sibling of the most famous celeb. He just used and womanized her. Brittany will always be more famous than him. And he’s doing movies now cause he used jessica biel to break into Hollywood I assume.

  3. The first one sounds like Janet & Michael. So JD? I just don’t know who his current gf is. Not sure of the 2nd, someone said Chris & Drake, sounds like a fit. The last one is Cassie diddy

  4. 1- Justin Timberlake (Britney Spears, Janet Jackson, Jessica Biel)

    2- Chris Brown and Drake? (Rihanna)

    3- Cassie

    1. Definitely didn’t think about JT but you have to be right!! MJ was/is a mega international star! And I couldn’t remember if JT used Cam Diaz or his wife to start getting his little acting gigs, but cheers to him being exposed!! Poor Cassie- not really musically talented but beautiful and deserves a life outside of Diddy….maybe she’ll make a Surviving Diddy type story- I’m sure a lot of his past artist would contribute anonymously .

  5. First one is definitely JT
    I’m not too sure on the second one
    Cassie–Don’t do it girl. Let it be. You have a family now. Leave that industry shit alone

  6. First one is Justin Timberlake “always more famous ex= Brittany Spears” most famous person sibling Janet ie Super Bowl incident” current that walked him into Hollywood Jessica Biel. 2nd idk 3rd Cassie

  7. First one is definitely JT. His always famous ex = Britney Spears, Janet Jackson & Jessica Beil.

    2. Chris Brown/ Drake. Robyn don’t do it, they both have kids.

    3. Cassie.

  8. I was kind of stuck on one but now I am seeing stuff online and I am sure it’s Justin Timberlake. Did he Piss someone off? He’s always maintained that good guy persona 🤷🏻‍♀️ The second one I feel might be drake and the weekend and last is Cassie

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