August 18, 2022

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8 thoughts on “Hot Takes 2/6/2021

  1. So nick sold out basically wow
    And how does kevin have Wendy’s money?
    Michael and Lori are ridiculous Cardi video had a lot of symbolism in it

  2. What would be the purpose of cussing da baby out? It’s not like he said it or can control another grown man from talking. From that live you can tell da baby don’t mess with Meg on that level anymore 🤷🏻‍♀️ That’s on her you can tell lots of people stopped messing with her after the Tory situation

  3. I ain’t gonna lie, I will try out the restaurant lol… It’s called Loreto and it’s. supposed to be a Italian restaurant ..

    Lori and Michael’s relationship always seemed fake to me so I am not surprised

  4. Now I’m starting to believe that Michale B and Lori seem like a set up. How are they rushing to engagement already. I wonder if Michael is trying to get ahead of a scandal that is suppose to happen? Is he trying to protect his name? Too many question marks about this…. We’ll see…We only can see what they show us.

    DaBaby looked high as F***k. He looked like he wanted to be somewhere else. Meg really should consider stepping away from the limelight for a year. Maybe re-engage with her college stuff and stay away, because she is starting to be over saturated and we constantly hear about her. I think it would do her good to get her mental and spiritual alignment better.

    Trey songz give me dark vibes..he is a handsome guy, but something about him seem like you should be weary of him.

    Karrueche will be fine. She is a beautiful woman, she will have another guy (hopefully not Chris) give her what she deserves. She seem to have a very good head on her shoulder and don’t get into drama.

    Not a fan of T.I and Tiny, but there seems to be some other stuff that’s missing from these allegations. I will reserve judgement untill we hear the full story.

    Nick Cannon should never have apologized.

    Cardi B is over saturated like Meg. Cardi B’s best songs are the one she did with Bruno Mars G-Eazy, Kehlani, and SZA, and that spanish song she did. I haven’t seen anything else she has put out that sounded good. They are all sounding the same, but if the formula work. Why stop??

    Why is it surprising news still that celebrities back in the day where dating the same sex? Who cares! Especially for Luther, that man’s talent is next level. I don’t think anyone cares whom he was dating.

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