October 6, 2022

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11 thoughts on “Sugar Baby Report The Real About Angela Rye Part 2

  1. Good read. Finally somebody different other than the Kardashians, Nicky. Drake and Beyonce. I’ve heard many stories about Angela. I can recall when Common first started dating her he got caught cheating on her and it was in the blogs. Paps had pictures of him taking the chic shopping at Barneys. He escorted Angela to her awards ceremony for Root. Someone filmed her going off on him at the table because of the pictures from the paps. He was trying to get her to calm down. LoL!!! I guess when he breaks up with Tiffany we will hear her spill the beans on him. I hear that won’t last too much longer either. Everyone knows Tiffany has a big mouth and mental issues. More! More! More!!!!! Lol!!!!

  2. Wow this was so juicy I’m glad I read it G. When I saw 9 minutes on part 1 I said ion know if I care about her this much. 😂

  3. G, this was juicy tea🍵 She need to sit her old hoe ass down and focus on building herself for retirement. Hoeing don’t last forever just like her walls🤣🤣

  4. Whew. G you outdid yourself, this was a lot! It has to suck (no pun intended) to do all of that and still not pop. Mess.

    1. I’m surprised he still with Tiffany too. It must be Covid that’s got him still there?? Although Angela is trifling. How do you go from her to Haddish?

      1. Easily. Because behind the scenes Angela is not polished around famous people and people in power. Tiffany actually is even tho you wouldn’t think so. And Tiffany is a genuine person. Angela is not.

  5. Putting all those miles on her pussy and she still not married. I don’t like her, never have. I agree she comes off as the angry black woman. How ass😂

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